Ebraheem Al Samadi Wife Hamdah Biography: Dubai Bling 2

Discover the mystery behind Dubai Bling's Ebraheem Al Samadi's wife. Uncover the details about their lavish wedding and why she chooses to remain private.

Ebraheem Al Samadi Wife Hamdah Biography

Hamdah is the wife of Ebraheem Al Samadi, a successful Kuwaiti-American businessman who gained more recognition after appearing in the Netflix show Dubai Bling. Hamdah is a non-celebrity girl who prefers to keep her personal life away from media attention. She was born in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and is 33 years old.

They met in Chicago and got married in Saadiyat Islam, which is near Abu Dhabi, in a wedding that was like something out of a fairy tale. People are interested in Hamdah’s personal life, but she doesn’t share it on social media because she doesn’t want to share it with everyone.



Birth NameHamdah
Famous ForEbraheem Al Samadi Wife Hamdah
Birth PlaceDubai, United Arab Emirates
Martial StatusMarried
(Ebraheem Al Samadi)
Net Worth
(Ebraheem Al Samadi)
$50 Million

Who is Dubai Bling’s Ebraheem Al Samadi Wife?

Hamdah is the name of Ebraheem Al Samadi’s wife. She is a private person who doesn’t like the world to know about her personal life.

Ebraheem is a 34-year-old Kuwaiti-American businessman who started and runs the high-end flower company Forever Roses. He is also one of the stars of the Netflix reality show Dubai Bling.

In March, Ebraheem shared the exciting news on Instagram that he had gotten married. He shared pictures from his fancy wedding in Abu Dhabi, which showed a big cake, lots of red roses, traditional clothes, and more.

A lot of famous people from the area, including Farhana Bodi, Lojain Omran, Loujain Adada, and DJ Bliss, who were all in his Dubai Bling TV Series, attended the wedding.

But Ebraheem’s posts didn’t have any pictures of Hamdah. The only thing that was there was her initial, “H,” on wedding decorations. Fans didn’t find out her name is Hamdah until season 2 of Dubai Bling, when they saw sweet scenes from one of their wedding. It’s too bad that no glimpse of her was shown.

Because his fans had asked him to share pictures of his wife on Instagram again a month after they got married, Ebraheem did so. He told them he was upset and that it was an invasion of his wife’s privacy. It was Ebraheem’s choice to be in the public eye, while Hamdah wanted to stay out of the public eye.

He told his followers to honor her wishes and said that privacy is important to her family and many other families in the Middle East and Islamic world.

To sum up, Hamdah is married to Ebraheem Al Samadi, a wealthy businessman and star of the show Dubai Bling. Their wedding was very fancy, but Hamdah doesn’t want to be seen by many people and would rather keep her privacy. Ebraheem has asked his followers and fans to accept her right to privacy and her culture.