Anmol Baloch Pakistani Actress Drama List & Bio

Anmol Baloch Pakistani Actress Drama List

Anmol Baloch is a Pakistani actress and model. She has gained recognition for her performances in various television dramas and has been praised for her talent and captivating performances.

Anmol Baloch has appeared in lead roles in dramas such as “Qurbatain” and “Aik Larki Aam Si”. She has also been featured in TV series like “Tara” Anmol Baloch has a significant presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where she shares photos, videos, and updates about her work.

Let’s look at the Anmol Baloch top dramas full list.

Anmol Baloch Pakistani Actress Drama List

Here is a table summarizing some of the dramas in which Anmol Baloch has appeared, along with the year, channel, and role:

YearDrama TitleChannel
2023Sirf TumGeo
2022Ek Sitam AurAry Digital
2021BisaatHum TV
2021Sarah SajidaSab TV
2021NoorA Plus
2021Khawab Nagar Ki ShehzadiAry Digital
2020QurbatainHum TV
2020Saza e IshqExpress TV
2019Deewar e ShabHum TV
2018Aik Larki Aam SiHum TV
2017Bedardi SaiyaanGeo TV
2017Jalti BarishTV One

Frequently Asked Question

What is Anmol Baloch known for?

Anmol Baloch is known for her captivating performances as an actress in Pakistani television dramas.

What are some of Anmol Baloch’s popular dramas?

“Shiddat,” “Sirf Tum,” and “Siyani.”

What is Anmol Baloch’s most recent drama?

“Shiddat,” which aired in 2024.