Love on Menu Chinese Drama Cast Name & Story

Love on Menu Chinese Drama Cast & Story

“Love on Menu” is a Chinese romantic drama series. This show, which was directed by Chen Gang, is about love and feelings. This interesting story has a total of 32 episodes, with each one running 30 minutes.

The show is set in China and shows how complicated relationships can be and how strong love can be in a unique and interesting way. With its intriguing storyline and talented cast, “Love on Menu” is sure to captivate audiences and leave them longing for more.

Here we have Chinese drama Love on Meny cast name, story, and other details.

Drama Details

Drama Love on Menu (2024)
Genres Romance
Country China
Director Chen Gang
Language Chinese
Duration 30 Minutes
Total Episodes 32

Love on Menu Chinese Drama Cast

  1. Gao Hanyu as Yu Hao
  2. Jade Cheng as Su Kelan
  3. He Lei as Jin Xuan
  4. Wang Pei Han as Han Meng
  5. Yang Xue Er as Zhen Zhi Lin
  6. Zeng Xi Tang as An Jie
  7. Bai Xin Yi as Zhang Bi
  8. Lu Lu as Gong Wen Shin
  9. Dai Ting Rui as Li Xun
  10. Zheng Zhong Yu as Wang Yi
  11. Su Meng Di as Yang Yang
love on menu chinese drama cast name story

Writer Name

  • Hu Hui

Love on Menu Chinese Drama Story

Love on Menu is a Chinese drama series about a woman named Yu Hao who starts a new cooking platform. He has no idea how to cook at all.

But he starts a reality show about cooking even though he has no experience with it in order to promote his platform.

Su Kelan joined his team as head of public relations, but she also helped him deal with problems on the cooking platform and showed him how to cook.