Dubai Bling Season 2 Cast Name and Members Details

Discover the star-studded lineup of Dubai Bling Season 2! Get all the juicy details on the cast members and their glamorous lives in this highly anticipated reality TV series.

Dubai Bling Season 2 Cast Name

Get ready for the glitz and glamour of Dubai Bling Season 2 on Netflix! The highly anticipated reality show returns with its wealthy cast, including Kris Fade, DJ Bliss, Ebraheem Al Samadi, Zeina Khoury, Lojain Omran, Safa Siddiqui, Farhana Bodi, and Loujain Adada. After the global success of Season 1, this addictive series continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Don’t miss out on the drama, fame, and lavish lifestyles of Dubai’s elite!

Now, Let’s look at the Dubai Bling Season 2 cast name and new participant’s details.

Remember: The reality show Dubai Bling will be available on Netflix all over the world on December 13, 2023. There are 8 exciting episodes. 10 people are in the group, and two of them are from the Emirati.

Dubai Bling Season 2 Cast Name

#1) Mona Kattan

Mona Kattan

Mona Kattan is a well-known person in the beauty industry. She and her sisters Huda and Alya Kattan started the beauty brand Huda Beauty, and she now serves as its global president. Mona was very important in starting Huda Beauty and making it a major business.

She is in charge of the company’s brand strategy and new ideas. Mona is also the founder of KAYALI perfumes and has made scents for the company. She runs her own business, invests money, and speaks in public.

#2) Loujian Adada aka LJ

Loujain Adada LJ

Adada, who goes by his professional name LJ, is a famous person who became famous on the reality show Dubai Bling. She’s a model and has also been the host of TV shows. Over 730k people follow Loujain on Instagram, which is a big number.

Walid Juffali, a wealthy businessman, was her husband. He died in 2016, which was sad. It is thought that Loujain’s net worth is around $4 million. She was said to be dating Pakistani model Hasnain Lehri, but it’s not clear if they are still together. People have been interested in Loujain since she has been on the show and gotten a lot of attention.

#3) Zeina Khoury

Zeina Khoury

Zeina Khoury is a famous girl who became famous after appearing on the reality show Dubai Bling. In addition to being a model, she runs a real estate company. Zeina is 39 years old now.

She was born in Lebanon on December 13, 1983. In 2006, she got her Bachelor of Business Administration from Notre Dame University – Louaize in Lebanon. Zeina went to Dubai that same year and has lived there ever since.

#4) Ebraheem Al Samadi

Ebraheem Al Samadi

Ebraheem Al Samadi, also known as The Blooming Man, is a prominent figure who gained fame through his appearance on the reality show Dubai Bling. He has a large net worth and is a famous businessman and entrepreneur.

Ebraheem is the CEO of the Al Samadi Group and is known for his work with many businesses, such as Forever Rose London and Forever Rose Cafe.

#5) Farhana Bodi

Farhana Bodi

Farhana Bodi is a famous girl who became famous after appearing on the reality show Dubai Bling. She has a lot of followers on social media, runs her own business, and loves to travel. Farhana was born in India and grew up in South Africa. She then moved to Dubai and has lived there for 15 years.

Farhana is best known for her Instagram account, which has over 3 million fans, for which she is known. Through her Instagram account, she posts about her trips, high-fashion looks, company promotions, collaborations, and photoshoots. In the fashion world, Farhana began her work as a model and makeup artist when she was 19.

#6) Lojain Omran

Lojain Omran

Lojain Omran is a Saudi Arabian TV host, social media star, and actor who was born in 1977 or 1978. She became well-known after being on the reality show Dubai Bling. Lojain hosts a show on a station in Bahrain and is best known for her part on the Netflix reality show Dubai Bling.

Lojain used to work in banking before she became a TV personality. She has been the host of several TV shows, such as “Good Morning Arabs!” and “The Situation with Lojain,” “Ya Hala,” “Around the Gulf,” and “World of.”

Lojain is known for having a big following on social media sites like Instagram (where she has over 3 million fans). She shares parts of her fancy life, her style, and inspiring material with the people who follow her.

#7) Fahad Siddiqui

Fahad Siddiqui

Fahad Siddiqui is a businessman and television personality who gained recognition through his appearance on the reality show Dubai Bling.

He is married to Safa Siddiqui, who is also on the show. Fahad is the managing head of Indo Rise General Trading in Dubai at the moment.

#8) Kris Fade

Kris Fade

Kris Fade, whose real name is Kristan Fahd, is an Australian-Lebanese radio presenter, host, and musician. He is well-known for his part on the reality TV show Dubai Bling, which is set in Dubai. It’s called “The Kris Fade Show,” and Kris Fade is the host. It airs on 104.4 Virgin Radio Dubai and the KIIS Network in Australia.

The Edge 96.ONE in Sydney is where Fade got his start in radio. He has won awards for “Best Radio DJ” and “Best Personality.” The Ahlan! Hot 100 Legends list also has him on it. Fade has played at many shows and events, such as RedfestDXB and Dubai Music Week.

#9) Safa Siddiqui

Safa Siddiqui

Safa Siddiqui is a well-known personality from the reality show Dubai Bling. People knew her as a fashion designer, and she was on the first season of the show as well as 2nd Season. Safa is famous for living a fancy and expensive life.

A lot of people watch her on social media sites like Instagram, where she posts about her fashion choices and promotes brands. He is married to Safa Siddiqui, who is also connected to the show Dubai Bling. People respect Safa’s sense of style, and she has worked with online stores to make fashion collections.

#10) Hannah Al Azzi

Dramaio Unknown Person

She is one of the stars of the reality show Dubai Bling. It’s hard to find out much about her personal life or past.

Although she is mentioned in some sources in relation to the show, not much is known about her part or involvement. It looks like Hannah Al Azzi is one of the group members on Dubai Bling.

#11) Salem Khammas

Salem Khammas

Salesm Khammas, who was on season 2 of the popular reality show ‚ÄúDubai Bling,‚Äú is fondly called Ebraheem‚Äôs ‚Äúbrother.‚ÄĚ Salem is truly interested in business and actively creates content that helps people find their own career routes and be successful.

Because of his position as chairman and businessman, Salem enjoys a great deal of authority and is able to travel to exotic locations like Japan and Paris. Salem was the executive head of Al Ahli, a well-known UAE contracting company that specializes in aluminum, glass, and cladding work, before all of his current projects.

#12) Mohammad Ali Irani Boxer

Mohammad Ali Irani Boxer

Mohammad Ali, also known as Mo Ali Boyat, is an Iranian boxer who joins season 2 of Dubai Bling to go on a hot date with Farhana Bodi.

After she told him to “Google her” when they met, her fans are telling her not to go out with him. People are really interested in the wrestler and want to know if he‚Äôs single.

#13) Marwan Dj Bliss

Marwan Dj Bliss

The real name of Marwan Dj Bliss is Marwan Parham Al Awadhi. He is an Emirati DJ, host, TV host, and radio host who lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is a DJ and goes by the name DJ Bliss.

He is busy in Dubai’s nightclubs and as a DJ. DJ Bliss has also been a TV host on Dubai One and is a cast member on the show “Dubai Bling.”