Nikki Rodriguez (Actress) Age, Biography, Net Worth, Height

Nikki Rodriguez rose to fame for her performance in the Netflix original series "My Life with the Walter Boys," where she played Jackie Howard.

Nikki Rodriguez Biography

Nikki Rodriguez is an actor from the US. Nikki Rodriguez played Jackie in the Netflix show My Life with Walter Boys. She’s been in a few TV shows and short pictures. Her first show as a lead actor is My Life with Walter Boys. She is a beautiful and skilled actress who is just starting out. Here is a list of Nikki Rodriguez’s age, height, family, Wiki, ethnicity, nationality, and TV shows.

Nikki Rodriguez


Birth NameNikki Rodriguez Trivia
Stage NameNikki Rodriguez
BirthplaceLos Angeles, United States
Birthday17 December 2002
Height5 Feet 5 Inches
Weight48 kg (105 lbs)
ProfessionActress, Producer
Zodiac Sign
Blood Type

Nikki Rodriguez Career:

Nikki Rodriguez’s first movie part was in the short film “This Land is Your Land,” which came out in 2018. Following that, she kept building her resume by acting in short films, such as 2019’s “Roadkill.” She was in a number of short-form TV shows, including the popular 2019 season of “Speechless,” where she played the character Madison. Also that same year, Nikki got another big part in the highly praised TV show “Adam Ruins Everything,” where she played Brie.

In 2020, Nikki Rodriguez reached a big milestone in her career: she produced the short film “Bunny Run,” in which she also played the lead part of Mackenzie and showed off her acting skills. Along with this, she kept working on her skill by making another short film called “Father.”

Short films are a great way for actors to try out different parts and improve their skills, and they also give writers a way to tell compelling stories in a short amount of time. The next year, 2021, though, was a big turning point in Nikki’s career. Her hard work and talent in the entertainment business received recognition.

Nikki Rodriguez Movies & Shorts List:

2023My Life with the Walter BoysTV SeriesJackie Howard
2022Back to LylaFilmSarah
2021On My BlockTV SeriesVero
2020Bunny RunShort FilmMackenzie/Producer
2020Father.Short FilmSal
2019RoadkillShort FilmTammy
2019Adam Ruins EverythingTV SeriesBrie
2019SpeechlessTV SeriesMadison
2018This Land is Your LandShort FilmPrisoner 2

Interesting Facts About Nikki Rodriguez’s:

  • Part in “My Life with the Walter Boys”: Nikki Rodriguez rose to fame for her performance in the Netflix original series “My Life with the Walter Boys,” where she played Jackie Howard. The show is based on the same-titled book by Ali Novak, which was published on Wattpad in 2014.
  • Collaboration with Ali Novak: Nikki Rodriguez wrote the show in tandem with Melanie Halsall, the Netflix series producer, and Ali Novak, the author of “My Life with the Walter Boys.”
  • Co-stars: Sarah Rafferty, Noah LaLonde, and Ashby Gentry are a few of the series’ key performers.
  • Career Highlights: Nikki Rodriguez starred in the short film “This Land is Your Land” to kick off her acting career in 2018. Since then, she has made appearances in a number of TV series and short films. Her portrayal of Vero in the television series “On My Block” brought her even more notoriety in 2021.
  • Physical Appearance: Nikki Rodriguez stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) and weighs around 48 kg (105 lbs). Her eyes are dark brown and she has black hair.
  • Privacy: While Nikki Rodriguez has gained admiration from fans, she has chosen to keep her personal life, including her dating experiences, private.
  • Net Worth: As a rising actress, Nikki Rodriguez’s net worth is yet to be estimated.

These facts provide an overview of Nikki Rodriguez’s career and her notable role in “My Life with the Walter Boys.”