Cha Joo Young (Profile & Facts)

Park Cha Joo Young has been making waves in the entertainment business, and fans can't wait for her new projects.

Cha Joo Young (Profile & Facts)

Cha Joo Young, born on June 5, 1990, is a talented South Korean actress. She has captivated audiences with her acting skills on both small and big screens. Joo Young has played many roles in many famous dramas, including “Cheese in the Trap,” “Wok of Love,” “Jugglers,” “The Spies Who Loved Me,” “The Glory,” and “The Real Has Come!” The year 2014 marked the start of her career in show business, and since then, her acting skills have sealed the deal.

Joo Young is known for more than just her acting parts. At the 43rd Golden Photography Awards, she was a public relations ambassador. With her skill, hard work, and beauty, she continues to captivate people all over the world. 🌟🎭🌟

Cha Joo Young


Birth NameCha Joo Young / 차주영
Stage NameCha
Birthday5th June, 1990
Height170 cm / 5’7″
Zodiac SignGemini
NationalitySouth Korea

“Cha Joo Young” Dramas and Movies:

2014“Dr. Frost”Lee Ji-hyeOCN
2015“My Unfortunate Boyfriend”Cha Ju-youngMBC
“Cheese in the Trap”Nam Joo-yeontvN
2016“The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”Choi Ji-yeonKBS2
“Love in the Moonlight”Ae Sim-iKBS2
2017“Frozen Love”Yoo Shin-yeongMBC
“Jugglers”Ma Bo-naKBS2
2018“Wok of Love”Seol Dal-heeSBS
2020“The Spies Who Loved Me”Hwang Seo-raMBC
2021“Chimera”Kim Hyo-kyungOCN
2022“Again My Life”Han Ji-hyunSBS
2023“The Heavenly Idol” (Cameo)RedlintvN
“The Real Has Come!”Jang Se-jinMBC
2022 – 2023“The Glory”Choi Hye-jeongNetflix

What Are Some of Her Upcoming Projects?

Park Cha Joo Young has been making waves in the entertainment business, and fans can’t wait for her new projects. While not much is known about her future parts, here are some of the roles she has played recently or will play in the future:

  • “My Rocket Ship”: Joo Young plays the lead part of Jung Woo Ri in this Korean drama. 8 episodes make up the show, which shows off her acting skills.
  • “The Glory” Season 2: The second season of “The Glory” will have more captivating acts thanks to Joo Young’s participation. Unfortunately, more information about her character and the plot has not been released.
  • “Chimera”: Even though there isn’t much known about this project, Joo Young’s involvement makes it more interesting. Fans can’t wait to hear more about her part in this mystery project.
  • “Again My Life”: The fact that Joo Young is in this drama makes me think that she will give another great performance. As the figure Han Ji-hyun, she will be remembered for a long time.

These projects only give us a sneak peek at what Joo Young will be doing in the future, but her flexibility and hard work continue to captivate viewers. We are excited to see how her ability shines in these new works! 🌟🎭🌟

What are Some Interesting Facts about Park Cha Joo Young?

Certainly! Some interesting things about Park Cha Joo Young are these:

  • Inspiration from True Bullying Stories: The character she plays, Moon Dong Eun, in the famous K-drama “The Glory,” goes through traumatic physical, emotional, and verbal attacks from her classmates. It’s interesting that this plot was inspired by real-life cases of bullying. In Kyushu, Japan, a boy went through the same thing as Dong Eun in the drama: he was bullied at school and planned his own payback.
  • Screening for Past Bullying Incidents: The actors in “The Glory” were checked to make sure they had never been bullied before. In a strange turn of events, though, the production head, Ahn Gil Ho, admitted that he had been violent in school before. He said sorry for what he did in public.
  • Diverse Roles: Joo Young has played different roles in different shows, such as:
    • Her 2015 movie “Cheese in the Trap” had her play Nam Joo-yeon, a girl who was crazy about Jung.
    • She played Ma Bo-na in “Jugglers” (2017), a part in the workplace romantic comedy series.
  • Ordinary Student: Joo Young says that she is a quiet and hardworking student in real life. Even though she played intense parts on screen, she was just a normal student in real life.
  • Height: Joo Young stands at a height of 171 cm4.

These facts show how talented, dedicated, and flexible she is as an actor!