Farhana Bodi: Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Dubai Bling 2

Meet Farhana Bodi, an Instagram star and businesswoman from the United Arab Emirates, and learn about her interesting work path. From South Africa to Dubai, learn about her rise to fame, her high-class lifestyle, and her important role in the fashion business.

Farhana Bodi Biography

Farhana Bodi is a social media influencer and Instagram star. She was born in Gujrat, India, on January 4, 1986, and grew up in South Africa. For the past 15 years, she has lived in Dubai. Over 3 million people follow Farhana on Instagram, where she posts pictures of her high-fashion looks and trips. When she was 19, she started working as a model and makeup artist.

Over time, she moved up in the fashion business. In addition, Farhana started the blog “I Woman of the World” about her daily life. She has appeared on the Netflix reality show Dubai Bling,” which showcases the lavish lifestyles of high-flying Dubai residents. As a single parent, Farhana has made a million dollars on her own.

Farhana Bodi


Birth NameFarhana Bodi
BirthdayJanuary 4, 1986
Birth PlaceGujrat, India
Current Home TownDubai, United Arab Emirates
EducationGraduation (Makeup School)
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer & TV Star
Martial StatusDivorced
Children’sSon: Aydin
Height5 Feet 8 Inch
Weight68 KG
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Net Worth$4 Million (Approx.)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
NationalityEmirati & Indian

Farhana Bodi Career:

Farhana Bodi, a 36-year-old Emirati businesswoman, has had an extraordinary career journey that has taken her from South Africa to the glamorous world of fashion in Dubai. Farhana was born on January 4, 1986, in Gujrat, India to a Muslim family. Her folks moved to Africa because they were having money problems.

Farhana has always loved fashion and beauty, even when she was young. During school, she had problems with how she looked, but she learned to love herself and accept her special beauty. She wanted to follow her hobbies, so when she was 17, she went to a school that focused on cosmetics and learned how to put on makeup.

Farhana got her start in the fashion business as a model and makeup artist. Her talent and dedication quickly caught the attention of industry professionals, leading her to work with renowned brands and photographers. People noticed how beautiful she was and how unique her style was, which helped her become more famous on social media sites like Instagram.

There was a big change in Farhana’s work in 2022 when she was on the Netflix reality show “Dubai Bling.” The series showed how the rich and famous in Dubai live in style, and Farhana’s appearance on the show made her famous. She was able to go to high-profile events like Cannes and the Met Gala because she was on the show. There, she met celebrities and people in the fashion business.

Farhana has achieved a lot in her life, not just in the fashion business. She speaks three languages very well: English, Gujarati, Hindi, and Urdu. She also writes a blog every day and made the website “Woman of the World,” where she shares her thoughts and experiences.

Heroies Khan, Farhana’s Ex-Husband, is the CEO and founder of GoldPesa. Farhana likes to keep her personal life from the public. Their son is called Aydin, and he also has a lot of Instagram fans.

Farhana has been able to do what she has because her parents have always been there for her and believed in her dreams. The love and support they gave her were very important to her success. Even though she has had problems, Farhana is still a strong and driven person who always tries to be the best version of herself.

Farhana Bodi’s career path shows how much she loves what she does, how talented she is, and how hard she works to reach her goals. From her humble beginnings in South Africa to her current status as a well-known businessman in the UAE, Farhana continues to inspire others with her hard work and success.

Farhana Bodi Movies & TV Series List:

2023Dubai Bling Season 2ContestantNetflix

In 2022, she became popular after being on the Netflix reality show “Dubai Bling.” The show is about a group of millionaires in Dubai who live very well. “Dubai Bling” isn’t just about rich people and their lives here; you’ll also see drama, battles, and broken hearts. Loujain Adada LJ, Lojain Omran, Zeina Khoury and Mona Kattan are some of the famous people who were on Netflix’s brand-new show.

Farhana Bodi Interesting Facts:

  • Farhana Bodi Loves Swimming, Playing Volleyball, and Skating.
  • Farhana is Fitness Lover.
  • Farhan has Shiny Black-Brown Hair.
  • Farhana is Slim Figure.
  • Farhana Follows Healthy Diets.
  • Farhana was Participated in Cricket Game with her Elder Brother.
  • Farhana is Indian Muslim.
  • Farhana is Famous on Tiktok & Instagram.
  • Farhana ex-husband is Heroies Havewalla.
  • Farhana Main Source of Earning is Fashion & Modeling.