Luther Ford: Biography, Age, Height, Weight, The Crown

Discover the biography of Luther Ford, including his age, height, weight, and his role in the hit series "The Crown." Explore the fascinating journey of this talented actor.

Luther Ford Biography

Luther Ford is an England-based actor and filmmaker. He is best known for his part as Prince Harry in The Crown, a Netflix show. In 2023, Luther Ford will be 23 years old. He is 6 feet 1 inch tall. He has reddish-brown hair and green eyes. Luther Ford is British and his ethnicity is also British.

After Graduating from an Elite School in his hometown, he went to Film School in Bournemouth to get a degree in acting. That’s right, Luther Ford is not dating anyone right now. There is no knowledge about his parents, but he has more than one brother.

Luther Ford


Birth NameLuther Ford
BirthdayMarch, 2000
Birth PlaceUnited Kingdom
Martial StatusUn-Married
Height6 Feet 1 Inch
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorGolden
Net Worth$150k
Famous ForNetflix series “The Crown”

Luther Ford Career:

In the beginning of his work, Luther Ford was interested in acting and making movies. In 2019, he showed off his skills by writing, editing, and directing the short film “When Bill’s Alone.” It was posted on his YouTube account and has since gotten over 37,000 views. Later that year, he made his starring debut in the short film “Dream Between,” which he also directed and edited. He made and aired another short movie in November 2020. It was called “Lockdown Romance.”

Ford continued to work as a director when he put out the short film “Woods” in January 2022. It got over 11,000 views. He was mostly interested in making movies, but he also liked playing and took it seriously when he got a call to audition for the TV show “The Crown.”

Ford was called in for a chemistry test with co-star Ed McVey after three weeks and three self-tapes. He finally got the part of Prince Harry in the sixth season of “The Crown.” His part in that show was seen in five out of ten episodes. Despite the difficulties of playing a royal figure, Ford tried to capture the essence of Prince Harry by working with movement and dialect teachers to find a balance between being true to the character and not making it too cartoonish.

Ford said she enjoyed playing Prince Harry, even though it was hard at times. He liked how the outfits changed her look and how fun the scenes were. His thoughts on the relationship between the “heir and spare” brought up the similarities with family relationships in real life as well as the extra pressures that come with being in the royal family.

Looking ahead, Ford was open to a lot of different career options. He was thankful for the chance to work, but he still wanted to make movies in the long run. He told them that he is working on a scary movie and that he is still juggling playing and directing.

It is thought that Luther Ford is worth about $150,000. Being able to do many things, like acting and directing, gives him the ability to create many income streams in the future. His main sources of income right now come from playing and directing.

Is Luther Ford Gay?

People have always been interested in the sexuality of public people because it leads to interesting conversations. Since Luther Ford is a new star in Hollywood, he has been the subject of gay gossip. It is important to note, though, that these stories about Luther Ford’s sexuality have not been shown to be true by any reliable sources. There is a lot of false information on the internet these days, spread by both the media and fans.

One reason people thought Luther Ford might be gay was because of what he shared on social media. On his social media sites, he has shared 31 posts, most of which are pictures of himself wearing stylish clothes. Fans of Luther Ford are now unsure about his sexuality because of this.

It’s important to stress that Luther Ford’s sexuality is not clear, and it’s not okay to support or speculate on stories and speculations about it until the actor himself says something in public.

We can say that the talk about Luther Ford’s sexuality is based on rumors and not solid proof. People should be aware of famous figures’ right to privacy and not guess about their private lives unless they choose to make that information public.

Luther Ford Movies & TV Series List:

The Crown Season 62023Prince HarryNetflix
While the Going Is Good2022N/AYouTube Channel
Woods2022N/AYouTube Channel
Dream Between2020LutherYouTube Channel

Luther Ford Interesting Facts:

  • Luther Ford is from the United Kingdom.
  • In Season 6 of the Netflix show “The Crown,” he played “Prince Harry.”
  • Luther Ford likes to play Football.
  • He loves the Piano.
  • Luther Ford is not dating anyone right now.
  • “Woods,” another short film that Luther worked on, was both produced and written by him.
  • You could find him on Instagram with the handle @luther3ford.