Out (2023) Japanese Movie

"Out (2023)" presents an engaging story, captivating performances, and themes of friendship and redemption that make it a movie worth watching for fans of action, drama, and Japanese cinema.

Out (Japanese Movie)

“Out” (2023), also known as “Auto” and “アウト,” is a Japanese movie directed by Hiroshi Shinagawa. The film is based on the manga written by Tatsuya Iguchi and Makoto Mizuta, with Hiroshi Shinagawa also contributing to the screenplay.

“Out” falls under the genres of action and drama and was released on November 17, 2023. The movie is distributed by Kadokawa Pictures and is in the Japanese language. It is set in Japan.


MovieOut (2023)
DirectorHiroshi Shinagawa
WriterTatsuya Iguchi (manga), Makoto Mizuta (manga), Hiroshi Shinagawa
DistributorKadokawa Pictures
Release DateNovember 17, 2023
GenreAction, Drama

Out (2023): Story

Toshiya Iguchi (Yuki Kura), a young offender in Tokyo, was in charge of a motorbike gang. He starts a new life after getting out of youth detention and doesn’t go back to his hometown. He starts living with his aunt in Nishi-Chiba instead, and he gets a job at a barbecue beef restaurant. He will be kicked out if he gets into any fights.

He gets into a fight with Kaname Abe (Koshi Mizukami), who is second in charge of the motorcycle gang Kirihito, on the first day he is free. Satoshi Tanzawa (Kotaro Daigo) is in charge of the motorcycle gang Kirihito.

Even though Tatsuya Iguchi beat Kaname Abe, they both agree to keep it a secret. Tatsuya Iguchi doesn’t want to go back to juvenile jail, and Kaname Abe doesn’t want anyone to know that he got kicked in the butt. A friendship forms between them quickly.

Chihiro Minagawa (Yuki Yoda) and Tatsuya Iguchi also meet. The elder brother of Chihiro Minagawa led the motorcycle gang Kirihito, but he died in a fight with another motorcycle gang. Chihiro Minagawa works at a bowling alley right now.

She isn’t afraid to tell Atsushi Tanzawa, the head of the motorcycle gang Kirihito, straight out that the group needs to stop fighting with other motorcycle gangs.

Out (2023): Cast

Main Characters:

#1) Yuki Kura as Tatsuya Iguchi

Yuki Kura

Yuki Kura is a model and singer from Japan. He was born in Osaka, Japan, on December 19, 1999. In addition to the TV shows “Followers” (2020) and “Kappei” (2022), Yuki Kura has been in many other projects. He also has a lot of fans on social media sites like Instagram, where he posts pictures and videos for them to see. Sony Music Artists looked for Yuki Kura in 2018. He is famous for his skills and has been praised for how he looks and how he acts.

Supporting Characters:

  • Daigo Kotaro as Tanzawa Atsushi
  • Yoda Yuuki as Minagawa Chihiro
  • Mizukami Koshi as Abe Kaname
  • Koyanagi Shin as Taguchi Masaru
  • Kinjo Sukai as Sawamura Ryo
  • Yamasaki Ryutaro as Imai Keiji
  • Chikashi Kuon as Muto Shogo
  • Miyazawa Yu as Shimohara Kazumasa
  • Nakano On as Shimohara Kenzo
  • Osada Takuro as Shimohara Koji
  • Yonashiro Sho as Nagashima Keigo
  • Ohira Shosei as Meguro Shuya

Why I Watch This Japanese Movie?

Here are some reasons why you might want to watch the movie “Out (2023)”:

  • Interesting Story: The movie is about Tatsuya Iguchi, a former juvenile offender who starts over in life after getting out of jail. The story is about his journey to change and the problems he faces as he tries to leave his difficult past behind.
  • Action and Drama: “Out” is a mix of action and drama, with exciting fight scenes and powerful emotional moments. The fights between motorbike gangs and the characters’ own problems give the story more depth and make it more exciting.
  • Strong Performances: The movie has some great players, like Yuki Kura as Tatsuya Iguchi, who really bring the characters to life and give great performances. The way they show complicated feelings and relationships makes the stories seem more real.
  • Themes of Friendship and Redemption: The film explores the themes of friendship and redemption as Tatsuya Iguchi forms an unlikely bond with Kaname Abe, a member of a rival motorcycle gang. The story is heartfelt and interesting because of their bond and the problems they face together.
  • Unique Setting: The movie takes place in Tokyo and Nishi-Chiba and shows how motorcyclist gangs in Japan live a busy and exciting life. The setting makes the story more interesting and lets us learn more about Japanese culture and society.
  • Positive Reviews: While reviews may be different, the movie has gotten a lot of attention and good reviews from fans. People have really liked the movie because of its interesting plot, great acting, and interesting ideas. You should think about watching it.

Overall, “Out (2023)” presents an engaging story, captivating performances, and themes of friendship and redemption that make it a movie worth watching for fans of action, drama, and Japanese cinema.