My Home Hero (2024) Japanese Movie

The movie shows how hard it is to be a dad and how far parents will go to protect their kids.

My Home Hero (Japanese Movie)

“My Home Hero” is a thrilling Japanese movie directed by Takahiro Aoyama. The film, based on the manga series written by Naoki Yamakawa and Masashi Asaki, is also known as “My Home Hero Movie” or “Eiga Mai Hoomu Hiiroo” in Japanese.

It is set to be released on March 8, 2024, and will be distributed by Warner Bros, Japan. The movie, primarily in the Japanese language, takes place in Japan. With its gripping storyline and suspenseful elements, “My Home Hero” promises to captivate audiences with its thrilling narrative.


MovieMy Home Hero (2024)
Japaneseśė†ÁĒĽ „Éě„ā§„Éõ„Éľ„Ɇ„Éí„Éľ„É≠„Éľ
DirectorTakahiro Aoyama
WriterNaoki Yamakawa (manga), Masashi Asaki (manga), Susumu Funabashi
DistributorWarner Bros. Japan
Release DateMarch 8, 2024

My Home Hero (2024): Story

Tetsuo Tosu is a typical father whose biggest worries are his job and his rebellious daughter, Reika. until he sees a cut on her face. When he learns that she has a boyfriend and that he is part of a crime ring using her to steal her grandparents’ money, his worst fears come true. The bad guy then sees Tetsuo looking around and tells her he will kill Reika as soon as she gets home.

Because he feels like a father, Tetsuo kills the man. Only for his wife to walk in and witness what he’s done. There is a crime ring after Tetsuo, and he needs to hide a body. To stay one step ahead of bad luck, he must use his love of mystery books and his brains.

My Home Hero (2024): Cast

Main Characters:

Kuranosuke Sasaki as Tetsuo Tosu

Kuranosuke Sasaki

Kuranosuke Sasaki is a Japanese actor who is known for his parts in movies and TV shows in Japan. He was born in Japan on February 4, 1968. The Japanese actress Sasaki has been working in the entertainment business since 1990, and she has been in many plays, TV shows, and movies. The Japanese theater group “Planet Pistachio” works with him, and he’s become famous for his roles in both stage and movie projects.

“My Home Hero,” “The Black Swindler,” and the movie “Mission Impossible: Samurai” are some of his most well-known assignments. He has also done voice work for animated figures, like Bolt in the movie “Bolt.” People in Japan’s entertainment business look up to him because of how talented and versatile he is.

Supporting Characters:

  • Kyohei Takahashi as Kyoichi Majima
  • Tae Kimura as Kasen Tosu
  • Asuka Saito as Reika Tosu
  • Yasushi Fuchikami as Takeda
  • Takuma Otoo as Kubo
  • Shuichiro Naito as Nobuto Matori
  • Eisaku Yoshida as Yoshitatsu Matori

Why I Watch This Movie?

You should watch the movie “My Home Hero (2024)” for the following reasons:

  • Interesting Story: The movie is about Tetsuo Tosu, a normal dad who finds a bruise on his daughter’s face and finds out she’s involved with a dangerous crime ring.
  • Emotional Depth: When Tetsuo finds out that his daughter’s secret boyfriend is using her to steal her grandparents’ money, his worst fears come true. Driven by his desire to protect his family, Tetsuo does terrible things.
  • Suspense and Thrills:¬†Tetsuo’s actions set off a chain of events that includes a murder and put him in a dangerous position. Tetsuo has to use his love of detective books and his smarts to get away from the criminals who are after him while hiding a body.
  • Deep Dive into Fatherhood: The movie shows how hard it is to be a dad and how far parents will go to protect their kids. The story is interesting because of how Tetsuo changes as a person and how hard he tries to avoid a terrible end.
  • Strong Performances: The movie features talented actors who bring the characters to life, adding depth and authenticity to the story.

Overall, “My Home Hero (2024)” looks like it will be an interesting and scary movie about family, making sacrifices, and staying alive. It has a unique mix of drama, action, and emotional depth that will keep people on the edge of their seats.