(Ab)normal Desire (2023) Japanese Movie

"Seiyoku (2023)" is an interesting movie to think about seeing because it has great performances, interesting stories, and themes that make you think.

(Ab) normal Desire

(Ab)normal Desire, also known as Seiyoku in Romaji and 正欲 in Japanese, is a film directed by Yoshiyuki Kishi. The screenplay was written by Ryo Asai, based on his novel, and Takehiko Minato. Hiromitsu Sugita and Tomoko Tomita served as producers, while Kozo Natsumi worked as the cinematographer. The movie was released on November 10, 2023, with a runtime of 134 minutes. Bitters End distributed the film, which is in Japanese and hails from Japan.


Movie(Ab)normal Desire
DirectorYoshiyuki Kishi
WriterRyo Asai (novel), Takehiko Minato
CinematographerKozo Natsumi
ProducerHiromitsu Sugita, Tomoko Tomita
Duration2 hr. 14 min.
Release DateNovember 10, 2023
DistributorBitters End

(Ab)normal Desire (2023): Story

Hiroki Terai, also known as Goro Inagaki, works as a lawyer at the Yokohama Public Prosecutors’ Office. He is married and has a son who is in elementary school. His son skips school a lot, and Hiroki Terai is afraid that his son will cut himself off from everyone else.

Natsuki Kiryu, played by Yui Aragaki, works as a temporary worker at a shopping mall in Hiroshima. She hides a strange habit from everyone. The secret is that she wants to be alone and not talk to anyone. People named Hiroki Terai and Natsuki Kiryu become linked when someone dies by accident.

(Ab)normal Desire (2023): Cast

Main Characters:

#1) Inagaki Goro as Terai Hiroki (Twitter)

Inagaki Goro

Inagaki Goro is a singer and actor from Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan. He was a member of the Japanese pop group SMAP. Inagaki Goro is one of the stars in the Japanese movie (Ab)normal Desire. He appeared alongside other actors such as Aragaki Yui, Isomura Hayato, and Kanta Sato

#2) Aragaki Yui as Kiryu Natsuki

Aragaki Yui

Yui Aragaki is an actress and singer from Japan. She has received several awards for her acting performances and has also ventured into voice acting and music. In the Japanese film Seiyoku (2023), Aragaki Yui play a role as a Natsuki Kiryu. Natsuki Kiryu works as a contract worker at a Hiroshima shopping mall. She has a strange habit that she doesn’t tell anyone about.

Supporting Characters

  • Isomura Hayato as Sasaki Yoshimichi
  • Higashino Ayaka as Kanbe Yaeko
  • Sato Kanta as Morohashi Daiya
  • Yamamoto Hiroshi as [Middle school teacher]
  • Yamada Maho as Terai Yumi
  • Uno Shohei as Koshikawa Hideki
  • Tokunaga Eri as Nasu Saori
  • Iwase Ryo as Yatabe Yohei
  • Watanabe Daichi as Nishiyama Shu
  • Bando Nozomi as Takami Yume
  • Suzuki Kosuke as Ukon Kazumasa

Why I Watch This Movie?

Here are some reasons why you might consider watching the Japanese movie “(Ab)normal Desire (2023)”:

  • Interesting Story: Hiroki Terai, a prosecutor, and Natsuki Kiryu, a contract worker, become connected after an accident that claims one of their lives.
  • Strong Performances: The movie has some very good actors, like Goro Inagaki and Yui Aragaki, who give their parts a lot of depth and emotion.
  • Exploration of Human Emotions: The movie shows how the characters feel and the problems they have, like Hiroki Terai’s worries about his son’s isolation from the outside world and Natsuki Kiryu’s hidden desire to cut ties with everyone.
  • From a Unique Point of View: The story shows how people want to be disconnected from others and what happens when they do.
  • An interesting mystery: The accidental death that links the two main characters adds a secret to the story and keeps the readers interested in what will happen.

Because of these things, “(Ab)normal Desire” is an interesting movie to think about seeing because it has great performances, interesting stories, and themes that make you think.