In Love and Deep Water (2023) Japanese Movie

"In Love and Deep Water" is a great choice for people who like a mix of romance, comedy, mystery, and a beautiful scene for these reasons.

In Love and Deep Water (2023)

The movie titled “In Love and Deep Water,” also known as “Crazy Cruise” or “Kureiji Kuruzu” in Japanese, is directed by Yusuke Taki. The screenplay is written by Yuji Sakamoto. The movie is available in multiple audio options, including English, Hindi, Japanese with audio description, and the original Japanese language.

It was released on November 16, 2023, and falls under the genres of thriller, mystery, comedy, and romance. The movie has a runtime of 2 hours and 5 minutes and is distributed by Netflix. It is a Japanese film, originating from Japan.


MovieIn Love and Deep Water (2023)
DirectorYusuke Taki
WriterYuji Sakamoto
Duration2 hr. 5 min.
Release DateNovember 16, 2023
GenreThriller, Mystery, Comedy, Romance
LanguageJapanese (Original), Hindi & English

In Love and Deep Water (2023): Story

Suguru Ubukata, played by Ryo Yoshizawa, is a chef on the huge, high-end cruise ship MSC Bellissima. The ship is going to the Aegean Sea right now. Suguru Ubukata meets the strange Chizuru Banjaku (Aoi Miyazaki) on this trip. They are asked to help solve a murder case on a cruise ship.

In Love and Deep Water (2023): Cast

Main Characters:

#1) Yoshizawa Ryo as Ubukata Suguru (Instagram)

Yoshizawa Ryo

Yoshizawa Ryo is a Japanese actor known for his work in television dramas, films, and tokusatsu. He was born in Tokyo, Japan, on February 1, 1994. Yoshizawa became famous for his parts in many projects, such as the live-action TV drama and movies based on Tomodachi Game, in which he played the character Yichi Katagiri.

He also played Okita Sogo in the live-action Gintama movies. Fans love Yoshizawa’s expressive eyes and the way he acts naturally. Besides being an actor, he is also very good at kendo and has a second dan rank. Yoshizawa started working in show business in 2009 and has been busy ever since. He is worked with by Amuse Inc.

#2) Miyazaki Aoi as Banjaku Chizuru

Miyazaki Aoi

Aoi Miyazaki is a Japanese actress who began her acting career at a young age. She was born in Tokyo, Japan, on November 30, 1985. The parts she played in movies like “Nana” and “Virgin Snow” made Miyazaki famous. Since she was four years old, she has also been in TV shows and ads. People in Japan think Miyazaki is one of their most beautiful women.

She has been in the entertainment business since 1989 and has won several awards for her acts. From 2007 to 2011, Miyazaki was married to Sousuke Takaoka. He is now married to Junichi Okada. She has one kid. Please keep in mind that the data shown is based on search results and might not include everything.

Supporting Characters:

  • Yoshida Yoh as Yabuchi Hatsumi [Captain]
  • Nagayama Kento as Ibuki Shintaro
  • Kikuchi Rinko as Horikawa Aina
  • Izumisawa Yuuki as Yuzawa Ryuki
  • Makita Aju as Hagiwara Shiori
  • Hasegawa Hatsunori as Kuruma Sohei
  • Yasuda Ken as Kuruma Michihiko
  • Takaoka Saki as Kuruma Misaki
  • Yunho as Sakumoto Kanato
  • Nahana as Sakumoto Keiko
  • Okabe Takashi as Edward Edo
  • Watanabe Shinichiro as Ito [TV program director]
  • Oogai Rumika as Kuruma Rena
  • Okayama Amane as Fukawa Naoyuki
  • Matsui Airi as Kaneyoshi Rina
  • Miyazaki Tomu as Komiya Takahito
  • Mashima Hidekazu as Kiyokawa Ryo
  • Kondo Yoshimasa as Tadokoro Tatsuro
  • Hayashida Miyu as Funabashi Wakaba

Why I Watch This Movie?

Here are some reasons why you should watch the movie “In Love and Deep Water (2023)“:

  • Engaging Story: The movie is about a butler named Suguru Ubukata who works on a fancy cruise ship and becomes involved in a murder case along with a mystery passenger named Chizuru Banjaku. The movie will be full of tension and mystery thanks to its interesting plot.
  • Star-Studded Cast: The lead parts in the movie are played by the talented actors Ryo Yoshizawa and Aoi Miyazaki. Both stars have been praised for their work in other movies, which makes the idea of them working together on this one very exciting.
  • Romantic Comedy: “In Love and Deep Water” is called a Japanese comedy about love. When romance and comedy are mixed together, the story becomes more fun and playful, making it a pleasure to watch.
  • Luxury Cruise Setting: A very fancy cruise ship called the MSC Bellissima is where the movie takes place. The ship’s beautiful scenery and luxurious interior make it a visually appealing setting for the movie.
  • Murder Mystery: The murder mystery that takes place on the cruise ship makes the story more exciting and scary. If you like solving mysteries and solving crimes, this movie has a story that will keep you interested.

“In Love and Deep Water” is a great choice for people who like a mix of romance, comedy, mystery, and a beautiful scene for these reasons.