KBS Drama Special Season 14: Love Attack (2023)

The movie "Love Attack (2023)" is full of conflict, romance, and character growth, making it an exciting and interesting watch.

Love Attack (2023)

Love Attack” (English title) or “Confession Attack” (literal title) is a TV movie from South Korea. It is directed by Lee Hyun-Kyeong and written by Choi Yi-Kyeong. The movie is set to be aired on KBS2 and consists of a single episode. Its release date is scheduled for November 25, 2023, with a runtime of 22:45 on Saturday. The language of the movie is Korean, reflecting its origin in South Korea.


DramaLove Attack (2023)
DirectorLee Hyun-Kyeong
WriterChoi Yi-Kyeong
No. of Episodes1
Duration1 Hours and 15 Minute
Release DateNovember 25, 2023
GenreLove Story & Romance
RuntimeSaturday 22:45
CountrySouth Korea

Love Attack (2023): Story

Two geniuses are rivals within a campus. Cha Seok Jin makes a false love confession to Kang Kyung Joo to shake her mentality.

Confession Attack (2023): Cast

Main Characters:

1) Kim Do Hoon as Cha Seok Jin (Instagram)

Kim Do Hoon

Kim Do Hoon is a South Korean actor born on September 15, 1998 He has been in a number of TV shows and web series. Among his famous works are “The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival,” “Moving,” “The Law Cafe,” “Salon De Nabi,” “Today’s Webtoon,” “Here’s My Plan,” “Dark Hole,” “Doctor John,” plus “My Absolute Boyfriend” Kim Do Hoon’s role as Lee Gang-hoon in the TV show “Moving” has been praised. He has also worked on other projects and is well known in the South Korean entertainment business.

2) Chae Won Bin as Kang Kyung Joo (Instagram)

Chae Won Bin

Chae Won Bin is an actress from South Korea who became famous for her parts in TV shows. She was born in South Korea on April 5, 2001. A lot of different projects have used Chae Won Bin, like the TV show “When My Love‚Ķ“. She has also been confirmed for Netflix’s “Sweet Home Season 2” as part of Outer Korea’s Youth Project with new actors .

Supporting Characters:

  • Park Sung Joon as Kwang Ryeol
  • Heo Jin as [Kyung Joo’s grandmother]
  • Nam Joong Gyu as Min Kyu
  • Han Ye Ji as Ji Soo
  • Baek Hyo Won as Min Ah

Why I Watch This TV Show?

Because of these things, you should watch the movie “Love Attack (2023)”:

  • Unique Rivalry: The drama is about two geniuses on college who are competing with each other. The relationship between Cha Seok Jin and Kang Kyung Joo makes for an interesting and intense competition that will keep you interested in the show.
  • Fake Love Confession: To get Kang Kyung Joo to change her mind, Cha Seok Jin tells her a fake love story. This plot twist makes the story even more interesting by adding a new level of mystery and drama.
  • Character Growth: If you watch the drama, you’ll be able to see how the major characters change and grow as they deal with their rivalry and the effects of the fake love confession. This story-driven by characters gives the story more depth and complexity.
  • Romantic Tension: When Cha Seok Jin and Kang Kyung Joo lie about being in love, it creates romantic tension between them. You can expect to see how their relationship changes and the mental problems they have as the story goes on.
  • Interesting Plot: “Love Attack” has an interesting plot that includes romance, competition, and personal growth. The story is meant to keep people interested and entertained by taking turns and twists they didn’t see coming.
  • Talented Cast:¬†The drama has a group of talented people, including actors who have been praised for their work in other movies. Their acting skills and chemistry on screen make the show better as a whole.

The movie “Love Attack (2023)” is full of conflict, romance, and character growth, making it an exciting and interesting watch.