Top 7 Deadly Korean Action Movies Available on Netflix & Amazon

A Cinematic Voyage: Reviewing Top 7 Deadly Korean Action Movies on Netflix

Deadly Korean Action Movies

Korean cinema is a fascinating world where the East meets the West. Especially the action-packed thrillers have made a name for themselves, creating a drumbeat that keeps people all over the world interested.

Their unique way of telling stories, which mixes intense action scenes with deeply emotional stories, has not only changed the genre but also put Korean film on the map around the world. Here are the top 7 deadly Korean action movies available on Netflix & Amazon that you should not miss if you’re an aficionado of this genre.

7) Golden Slumber (2018)

Golden Slumber (2018)

“Golden Slumber” is a captivating story that takes place in the murky worlds of political plots and the search for the truth. The story is about a normal deliveryman whose life goes crazy when he is wrongly blamed for a high-profile murder. As he makes his way through the complicated world of power and lies, he has to fight to clear his name and reveal who the real bad guys are.

6) Jung_E (2023)

Jung_E (2023)

“Jung_E” is an intense saga of revenge and redemption. The story is about a troubled hero who goes on a trip to get revenge for the death of his family but gets caught up in a war that is much bigger than his own personal grudge. He learns shocking things about his past along the way that make him question his need for revenge.

5) The Pirates (2022)

The Pirates (2022)

The movie “The Pirates” takes you on an exciting journey on the high seas. The story is about a loose group of pirates who go on a dangerous quest to find a legendary treasure while avoiding the royal navy’s relentless chase. Among the exciting sea fights and dangerous adventures, they find that the real treasure is the bond between them that can’t be broken.

4) Ballerina (2023)

Ballerina (2023)

“Ballerina (2023)” is a high-stakes dance of survival. The story follows a talented ballerina, who must use her dancing skills in a dangerous game of cat and mouse when she is caught in the crossfire of a cruel mafia war. As she pirouettes between her passion for dance and her desperate fight for life, she must find a way to save her family without losing herself.

3) Confidential Assignment 2 International (2022)

Confidential Assignment 2 International (2022)

“Confidential Assignment 2 International” takes you on a thrilling ride into the shadowy world of international spying. The story follows two agents, who must put aside their differences and join forces to stop a global plot that threatens to plunge the world into chaos. As they race against time, they must outwit their enemies and unravel the plot before it’s too late.

2) The Killer (2022)

The Killer (2022)

“The Killer” plunges you into the dark and violent depths of society. The story follows a cold-blooded hitman, who must face his inner demons when a mission goes awry. As he spirals deeper into the abyss, he must deal with his burgeoning conscience and the brutal realities of his job.

1) Blade of The Immortal (2017)

Blade of The Immortal (2017)

“Blade of The Immortal” is a timeless tale of vengeance and forgiveness. The story follows an immortal samurai, who is cursed with endless life until he slays a thousand evil men. As he starts on this bloody quest, he must deal with the burden of his immortality and the haunting specter of his past.


In conclusion, each of these action movies is different from the others, but they are all exciting to watch and keep you interested the whole time. They are all great examples of how flexible and creative Korean film is, and you should add them all to your Netflix & Amazon list.