Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Third Marriage With Anchor Aroosa Khan

Iqrar ul Hassan's Personal Life Takes an Unexpected Turn as Rumors of Marriage to Anchor Aroosa Khan Confirmed

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Third Marriage Anchor Aroosa Khan Confirms

Newscaster Iqrar ul Hassan, who is known for his show Sar e Aam, is in the news again, but this time it’s for his personal life. Many people were shocked when he married Farah Yousuf, five years after his famous first marriage to Qurutulain Iqrar. Since then, rumors have been going around about his relationship with reporter Aroosa Khan.

The reports were put to rest by Aroosa Khan on Instagram. She is often seen with Qurutulain and their family. Aroosa confirmed that she was married and said she loved both Iqrar ul Hassan and his son Pehlaaj Hassan. The sudden turn in Iqrar’s personal life was made clear by her sincere words.

People were shocked when they heard about Iqrar’s second marriage, even though he said that only close friends and family knew about it. But now that Aroosa has confirmed it, the stories are over. Many people are still interested in how this unique relationship works.

The public is left wondering about the interesting dynamics between these people as Aroosa continues to promote Qurutulain’s business on social media and share moments with her on Instagram. People are interested and guessing about what’s going on in Iqrar’s personal life after an unexpected turn. This has added a new dimension to his already successful job as a news anchor.

Stay tuned as more information comes out about the interesting love triangle that has the public and the media’s attention.