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Cho Min-ji Biography

Cho Min-ji is a contestant on “Single’s Inferno” Season 3. She joined the show in episode 5. The 26-year-old is an aspiring news anchor and is currently majoring in Economics. She has quickly become popular among the male contestants on the show.

Cho Min-ji


Birth NameCho Min-ji
Birth PlaceSeoul, South Korea
EducationEconomics Majors
(Ehwa Woman’s University)
ProfessionTV Anchor
Martial StatusUn-Married
Height5 Feet 6 Inch
Weight60 KG
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Net Worth$500k – $800k (Approx.)
NationalitySouth Korean

Cho Min-ji Career Journey:

Cho Min Ji, an economics major from Ehwa Woman’s University who is 26 years old, joined “Single’s Inferno” Season 3 in the middle of the show. She came in late, but the male contestants quickly fell in love with her because she was beautiful and smart. But her appearance in the fire could also cause some of the women to lose their hearts.

In Episode 5, Min Ji talked about her job goals and said she wanted to be an anchor. In addition to studying, she is an involved member of a study group and goes to an academy to improve her skills.

Min Ji is clearly dedicated to her job because she starts each daily morning by going to a newspaper study group. Reading news stories out loud is another way she works on her voice and pronunciation.

Out of all the guys in the inferno, Lee Jin Seok seems to be most interested in Min Ji. People know Jin Seok for liking “bubble girls,” and he thinks Min Ji is a great match for him.

Jin Seok used to be interested in An Min Young, but their relationship went downhill when he tried to make things official with her, which made her unhappy. So, Jin Seok changed his mind and started to care more about getting to know Min Ji better, which broke Min Young’s heart.

Soon after, Min Ji had the chance to pick two guys to go to paradise with her. She chose Choi Min Woo and Jin Seok after talking to each of them one-on-one. Even though they had very different personalities—Min Woo was shy and 24 years old, while Jin Seok was outgoing and 31 years old—Min Ji was more interested in Lee Jin Seok because he liked having fun.

As Min Young watches Min Ji bond with Jin Seok in a preview clip for an upcoming show, she might feel jealous. In an earlier conversation, Min Young had said that she was a little mad at Jin Seok. He told her that he didn’t want her to be afraid to date or make bonds with other people, which made him think that Min Young might not be as interested in him as he was in her. Therefore, Jin Seok put all of his efforts into getting to know Min Ji.

After seeing Jin Seok go to paradise with Min Ji, Min Young realized she misses him. She will definitely feel jealous when he comes back.

Cho Min Ji’s journey on Season 3 of “Single’s Inferno” has been full of twists and turns as she tries to figure out how everything in the show works together. Because she is beautiful, smart, and wants to advance her job, she is an interesting participant, and people are eager to see how her story develops.

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Cho Min-ji Interesting Facts:

  • Cho Min-ji is 26 years old.
  • She goes to Ehwa Woman’s University to study economics.
  • Min-ji wants to work as an anchor.
  • She attends a newspaper study group and an academy to improve her skills.
  • She practices vocalization and pronunciation by reading news scripts aloud.
  • She chose to go to paradise with Choi Min-woo and Jin-seok.
  • Min-ji’s presence might make An Min-young jealous of the show.