Actor Lee Min-jae Joins Cast of ‘Weak Hero Class 2’

Lee Min-jae joins ‚ÄėWeak Hero Class 2‚Äô (tentative title).. Park Ji-hoon x Ryeowoon and Eunjang Fam formed [Official]

Actor Lee Min-jae Joins Cast of 'Weak Hero Class 2'

Good news! Lee Min-jae has been confirmed to play in the new drama Weak Hero Class 2 (working title). The drama is based on the popular Naver webtoon “Weak Hero.” It’s about a model student named Yeon Si-eun (played by Park Ji-hoon) who moves to Eunjang High School after a stressful event involving a friend. Si-eun is determined not to let the same mistakes happen again, so she gets caught in a world of violence and has to figure out how to survive while also growing as a person.

Go Hyeon-tak is a close friend that Si-eun makes at her new school, and Lee Min-jae will play him. Lee Min-jae is expected to captivate viewers with his powerful performance. He has great chemistry with Park Hoo-min and Si-eun, and his action scenes are amazing.

For his ability to play a wide range of parts and bring characters to life, Lee Min-jae has become well-known for his roles in many dramas, such as “One Hit Scandal” and “Oh! Additionally, he is well-known in the movie business, having been in movies like “Youngsimi.”

Fans can look forward to Lee Min-jae’s future projects, such as “Hyde” coming out next year and his promising performance in Weak Hero Class 2.”