Weak Hero Class 2 (2024) Korean Drama

"Weak Hero Class 2" looks like it will be a thrilling and interesting drama with a great cast, an interesting plot, and exciting action.

Weak Hero Class 2 (2024)

“Weak Hero Class 2” (Working Title) is also known as 약한영웅 시즌2, Yakhanyeongung 2, Yakhanyeongung Sijeun 2, and Weak Hero Season 2. The director and writer of the series is Yoo Soo-Min. Falling under the genres of action, youth, and drama. The show is set to be available on Netflix. It will consist of 8 episodes, each lasting for 60 minutes. The release date for Weak Hero Class 2 is scheduled for 2024. The series will be in the Korean language and will be produced in South Korea.


DramaWeak Hero Class 2
Hangul약한영웅 Class 2
DirectorYoo Soo-Min
WriterYoo Soo-Min
No. of Episodes8
Duration60 min.
Release Date2024
GenreAction, Youth, Drama
CountrySouth Korea

Weak Hero Class 2 (2024): Story

When bullies pick on you, the game is over. Tyrants run the school and their favorite thing to do is pick on the weakest kids in the class. Then Shi Eun showed up. This mystery new student says they want to break up the current order. Even though he is small, his fighting style is calculated and brutal, leaving opponents on the ground begging for forgiveness for no reason. Now the meanest bullies at school have to work hard to beat this new and strange hero.

Weak Hero Class 2 (2024): Cast

Main Characters:

Park Ji-Hoon as Yeon Si-Eun (Instagram)

Park Ji Hoon

Park Ji-Hoon is a South Korean singer and actor. He became well-known in early 2017 as the runner-up in the second season of the reality competition show Produce 101. He was born on May 29, 1999. He was in the boy band Wanna One that came out of it and is now working as a single artist and actor.

Park Ji-Hoon became a single artist on March 26, 2019, and is signed to Maroo Entertainment. He has also appeared in various dramas, including “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency”. Park Ji-Hoon has a big following on social media sites like Instagram, where he has more than 4 million fans. During his work, he has put out a number of albums and singles.

Ryeo Un as Park Hoo-Min (Instagram)


Ryeo Un, also known as Kim Ryeo Wook, is a South Korean actor. He was born on August 26, 1998. Some of the shows that Ryeo Un has been in are Twinkling Watermelon,” “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse,” “Through the Darkness,” “Adult Trainee,” “18 Again,” and “Homemade Love Story.”

He was also in the thriller “Weak Hero Class 2,” which will come out in 2024. Ryeo Un is well-known for his performances, and a lot of people watch him on Instagram and other social media sites. He is well-known in the Korean entertainment business for his skills and achievements.

Bae Na-Ra as Na Baek-Jin

Bae Na-Ra

Bae Na-Ra is a South Korean actor and singer who was born on January 4, 1991. He started playing in the musical “Promise” and has since been in a number of plays and movies. People became familiar with Bae Na-Ra through his part in the Netflix show “D.P.”

He will also be in the future drama “Weak Hero Class 2.” He is also famous for being a good musician, and he has put out records and songs. Bae Na-Ra is active on social media sites like Instagram, where he keeps his fans up to date.

Supporting Characters:

  • Choi Min-Young as Seo Joon-Tae
  • Yoo Su-Bin as Choi Hyo-Man
  • Lee Min-Jae as Go Hyun-Tak
  • Lee Jun-Young as Geum Sung-Je

Why I Watch TV Series?

Here are some reasons why you should watch the TV series “Weak Hero Class 2”:

  • Engaging Storyline: The drama is about Yeon Si-Eun (Park Ji-Hoon), who moves to Eunjang High School and makes friends with Park Hoo-Min (Ryeo Un), Seo Joon-Tae (Choi Min-Young), and Go Hyun-Tak (Lee Min-Jae). But they have to face Alliance, a more dangerous and violent group with members Na Baek-Jin (Bae Na-Ra) and Geum Sung-Je (Lee Jun-Young).
  • Talented Cast: The show has a talented cast, with celebrities like Park Ji-Hoon and Ryeo Un. Their acts give the characters more depth and realism, which makes watching them more enjoyable.
  • Action and Suspense: “Weak Hero Class 2” promises to deliver thrilling action sequences and suspenseful moments as the characters navigate the challenges posed by the Alliance group. People who watch will be on the edge of their seats because of the intense fights and clashes.
  • Friendship and Camaraderie: The drama explores the theme of friendship and camaraderie as the main characters come together to face the common enemy. The emotional depth of the story comes from the bonds they make and the help they give each other.
  • Strong Performances: The stars in the series have shown how talented they are in other projects, so “Weak Hero Class 2” should have performances that are both captivating and powerful. Their ability to show a range of feelings and bring the characters to life will make the show interesting and memorable.
  • Further Development of the Story: If you liked the first season of “Weak Hero” or the webtoon it’s based on, “Weak Hero Class 2” lets you keep up with the story and see how the characters change.
  • Unique Setting: The story takes place in a high school, which makes it easy for readers to relate to the characters and what they are going through. The problems and disagreements they have to deal with in this setting make the story more interesting.

Overall, “Weak Hero Class 2” looks like it will be a thrilling and interesting drama with a great cast, an interesting plot, and exciting action. It is a series that offers a mix of friendship, suspense, and character development, making it worth watching for fans of the genre and those interested in exploring the story further.