“Live Your Own Life” (2023) Korean Drama Review

"Live Your Own Life" (2023) (Korean: 효심이네 각자도생) is a popular South Korean drama starring Uee, Ha Jun, and Go Joo-won.

Live Your Own Life 2023

Live Your Own Life” (2023) (Korean: 효심이네 각자도생) is a popular South Korean drama starring UeeHa Jun, and Go Joo-won. The show is about a daughter who has spent her whole life caring for her family but is now breaking away because they are being mean to her and living on her own. There are new episodes every Saturday and Sunday at 20:05 (KST). The first one aired on KBS2 on September 16, 2023.


DramaLive Your Own Life / Self-Reliance of Hyo-Sim’s Family
Hangul효심이네 각자도생
DirectorKim Hyeong-Il
WriterJo Jung-Sun
No of Episodes50
Release DateSep 16, 2023 – Mar 16, 2024
RuntimeSaturday and Sunday at 20:05 (KST)
Duration1 hr. 20 min.
CountrySouth Korea

“Live Your Own Life” (2023): Story

Hyo Sim has made a good living as a personal trainer at TS Fitness, but her family duties start to get in the way of her work. 

She is the only girl out of four siblings, so she always has to deal with her eldest brother’s unpleasant tasks and money problems because he only cares about his own family. 

The same goes for her second-eldest brother, who is smart but selfish, and her youngest brother, who dreams of getting rich. 

Even though her mother only sides with her boys, she is the only person she can turn to when her siblings are being annoying. 

Kang Tae Ho, a careful new gym member, becomes the thing that pushes her over the edge when she is facing problems everywhere. 

She decides that getting back in charge of her life is the only thing that counts, and she takes the first step toward finding peace.

“Live Your Own Life” (2023): Cast

Main Characters:

1) Uee as Lee Hyo-sim (Instagram)

Kim Yu-jin - Uee

The real name of Uee is Kim Yu-jin, and she was born on April 9, 1988, in South Korea. She is a singer, actor, and model. The first time she was seen was in 2009 with the girl group After School

Later, she became the boss of the group’s subgroup After School Red. Aside from movies, Uee has also been in a number of TV series, including “Live Your Own Life” (2023), “Golden Rainbow” (2013), “High Society” (2015), “Marriage Contract” (2016), “My Husband Oh Jak-doo” (2018), “My Only One” (2018–2019), and “Ghost Doctor” (2022). 

Some of the movies she’s been in are “Queen of Walking” (2016) and “Night of Memory” (2019). Uee is known as an actress who can do a lot of different things. She often balances parts that are meant to be artistic with roles that are meant to make money. At the moment, King Entertainment is her agent.

2) Ha Jun as Kang Tae-ho (Instagram)

Ha Jun

He was born on April 3, 1987, in South Korea, and his stage name is Ha Jun or Song Ha Joon. 

Since his first movie role in 2013, he’s been in a number of movies and TV shows, such as “Live Your Own Life” (2023), “Six Flying Dragons” (2015), “The Outlaws” (2017), “Bad Papa” (2018), and “Black Dog” (2019). 

Many projects are being worked on at the moment by Ha Jun. These include “Live Your Own Life,” Destined with You,” and “More Painful Than Sadness.”

3) Go Joo-won as Kang Tae-min

Go Joo-won

Go Joo-won is a South Korean actor who was born in Gwangju on October 16, 1981. His first job as an actor was in the boxing show Punch in 2003. His next role was in the revenge-themed movie Resurrection. 

In 2006, Go became well-known after starring in the hit family series Bizarre Bunch and Famous Chil Princesses. Then he played historical roles in two period dramas: Ijinashi, the first king of Daegaya in Kim Su-roThe Iron King (2010) and King Seongjong of Joseon in The King and I (2007). 

Go has also been in the medical drama OB/GYN (also called Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors, 2010) and the family drama You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin.

Supporting Characters:

Hyo-Sim’s Family:

  • Lee Joo-won as Lee Phillip
  • Yoon Mi-ra as Lee Seon-soon
  • Kim Do-yeon as Lee Hyo-do
  • Lim Ji-eun as Yang Hee-joo
  • Nam Sung-jin as Lee Hyo-seong
  • Seo Seol-hwan as Lee Hyo-jun
  • Lee Ga-yeon as Ruby

Tae-ho’s Family:

  • Jeong Young-sook as Choi Myung-hee
  • Lee Kwang-ki as Yeo Jin-su
  • Lee Hwi-hyang as Jang Sook-hyang
  • Kim Bi-joo as Kang Tae-hee

Uicheon Villa:

  • Jeon Won-ju as Bang Geun-soon
  • Kim Yu-ha as Park Ga-on
  • Park Geun-soo as Park Woo-joo

TS Fitness:

  • Kang Shin-jo as Yang Jeon-min
  • Kim Jong-hoon as Choi Mi-nam
  • Lee Ye-sol as Min Ga-young
  • Lee Chun-sik as Hwang No-sik
  • Jin Tae-hyun as Jang Seon-woo
  • Rho Sang-bo as Hwang Chi
  • Choo Eun-kyung as Kang Jeong-suk
  • Park Ki-sun as Choi In-soo


  • Nam Bo-ra as Jeong Mi-rim
  • Lee Ho-jae as Kang Geun-man
  • Lee Seung-cheol as Chairman Choi
  • Lim Ju-eun as Choi Sook-yung
  • Ahn Hong-jin as Park Jong-min
  • Park Hyung-joon as Kang Joon-beom

Why I Watch This TV Show?

Here are a few reasons why “Live Your Own Life (2023)” might be worth your time:

  • The TV show “Live Your Own Life (2023)” is a romantic drama about a personal trainer who has a hard time juggling work and home duties.
  • The actors in the show are very good, like Uee, Ha Joon, and Kim Do Yeon.
  • The story of the show is interesting and gripping, and it’s all about the main character’s journey to get her life back under control.
  • The characters in the show are well-rounded and complicated. Each one has their own story and reasons for doing what they do.
  • The show explores philosophical ideas about family, love, and personal growth through topics that make you think.

I hope this helps you choose whether to watch “Live Your Own Life (2023)” or not!