Doona! (2023) K-Drama Review

There was a popular girl group that Lee Doo-Na (Bae Suzy) was in. She was the lead singer and most well-liked member of the group, but all of a sudden she said she was leaving.

Doona 2023

Doona! (Korean: 삁두나!) is a new South Korean TV show that stars Bae Suzy and Yang Se-jong and is directed by Lee Jeong-hyo. It will be available on Netflix on October 20, 2023.


DramaDoona! / Lee Doo-Na! 
DirectorLee Jung-Hyo
WriterMin Song-Ah (webcomic)
No of Episodes9
Release DateOctober 20, 2023
CountrySouth Korea

Doona! (2023): Story

There was a popular girl group that Lee Doo-Na (Bae Suzy) was in. She was the lead singer and most well-liked member of the group, but all of a sudden she said she was leaving. She now lives in a share house near a college and doesn’t go out very often. 

Yang Se-Jong plays Lee Won-Joon, who is a college student. He is a nice, normal young man who hasn’t been through anything special. He starts to live in the share house with Lee Doo-NaLee Doo-Na feels better when he is around. They feel attracted to each other’.

Doona! (2023): Cast

Main Characters:

1) Bae Suzy as Lee Doo-na (Instagram)

Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy is a South Korean singer, actress, and model who was born on October 10, 1994, in Buk District, Gwangju. She is also known as Bae Su-ji. In 2010, her first song was “Bad Girl Good Girl” with the girl group Miss A, which was signed to JYP Entertainment

Suzy has put out a number of solo albums and songs, featuring her first extended play “Don’t Say No” in 2017. A few of the TV series she’s been in are Doona! (2033), “Dream High” (2011), “Gu Family Book” (2013), “Uncontrollably Fond” (2016), “While You Were Sleeping” (2017), “Vagabond” (2019), and “Start-Up” (2020). 

The movies “Architecture 101” (2012) and “Ashfall” (2019) are just a few of the ones Suzy has been in. She is famous for having strong singing and being able to sing in many languages. At the moment, Suzy is being defended by Management SOOP.

2) Yang Se-jong as Lee Won-jun (Instagram)

Yang Se-jong

Yong Se-jong is an actor and model from South Korea. He was born on December 23, 1992, in Anyang, Gyeonggi. 

His role as a young chef in the 2017 relationship drama “Temperature of Love” made him famous and earned him three Best New Actor awards: at the SBS Drama Awards, the Baeksang Arts Awards, and the 6th APAN Star Awards

Doona! (2033), “Dr. Romantic” (2016), “Duel” (2017), “Still 17” (2018), and “My Country: The New Age” (2019) are some of his other TV Shows. Yang is famous for being able to play a lot of different parts as an actor. 

He often balances roles that are meant to be artistic with roles that are meant to make money. At the moment, Blossom Entertainment is his agent.

Supporting Characters:

  • Ha Young as Kim Jin Joo
  • Park Se Wan as Choi Yi Ra
  • Kim Min Ho as Seo Yoon Taek
  • Lee Yoo Bi

Guest Role:

  • Kim Do Wan as Koo Jung Hoon
  • Janet Suhh
  • Jee Jin Wook
  • Go Ah Sung
  • Gabee
  • Seo Eun Sol
  • Choi Ri An
  • Simeez

Why I Watch This TV Show?

I think you will enjoy watching “Doona! (2023)” for the following reasons:

  • “Doona! (2023)” is a love drama about a former K-pop star who moves in with a college student and lives in a share house nearby.
  • The actors in the show are very good, like Bae Suzy and Yang Se-jong.
  • The story of the show is interesting and gripping, and it’s mostly about Lee Doo-Na and Lee Won-Joon’s relationship.
  • The characters in the show are well-rounded and complicated. Each one has their own story and reasons for doing what they do.
  • There are deep and thought-provoking themes in the show that deal with love, relationships, and personal growth.

I hope this helps you choose whether to watch “Doona! (2023)” or not!