High Cookie (2023 TV Series)

A teen dream thriller drama about people who are stuck in quicksand because of a dangerous cookie that can grant their wishes with just one bite.

High Cookie

High Cookie is a South Korean teen fantasy thriller drama that premiered on October 23, 2023, on KBS2. The story is centered around a harmful cookie that, with just one bite, grants people their wishes.


DramaHigh Cookie 
DirectorSong Min-Yeop
WriterKang Han
No of Episodes20
Release DateOctober 23, 2023
Duration60 min.
CountrySouth Korea

High Cookie (2023): Story

A teen dream thriller drama about people who are stuck in quicksand because of a dangerous cookie that can grant their wishes with just one bite.

Choi Soo Young has to take care of her three-year-old sister since she lost her parents in an accident. She became the main source of income for her family when she turned 18. 

She quit high school and started working at a factory. To support herself and her younger sister, she also did a few other odd jobs on the side. But one day, a homemade cookie gets her sister into trouble, and she gives up everything to keep her safe.

At Junghan High School, Seo Ho Su is in his third year. It is the best private school in South Korea. His mother has cancer, and his father hasn’t been seen in a long time. 

Even though he has problems in his personal life, he tries to focus only on school. However, his rich friends often take advantage of him because they see him as easy to get along with.

Yoo Seong Pil is a mystery person who helps people get into college. He does anything, even breaking the law, to help his kids get into the college they want. 

He goes to Junghan High School to be a consultant for the whole 3rd grade class, even though no one asked him to. Once he gets there, he slowly starts to show his true intentions..

High Cookie (2023): Cast

Main Characters:

1) Nam Ji Hyun as Choi Soo Young (Instagram)

Nam Ji Hyun

Nam Ji Hyun is a South Korean actress who has successfully transitioned from being one of the industry‚Äôs premiere child artists to an acclaimed lead. 

She was born in Incheon, South Korea, on September 17, 1995. Nam started studying psychology at Sogang University in 2014 and will finish her degree in February 2020. During that time, she worked as an actor. 

Her parts in High Cookie, Queen Seondeok, Suspicious Partner, 100 Days My Prince, and 365: Repeat the Year made her famous. A Reason to Live and Hwayi & A Monster Boy are two films where Nam has been in.

2) Choi Hyun Wook as Seo Ho Su (Instagram)

Choi Hyun-wook

Choi Hyun Wook is a South Korean actor who was born on January 30, 2002 in South Korea. In 2019, the web thriller Real:Time:Love was his first role as an actor. 

Since then, Choi has been in a number of well-known shows, including High Cookie, Taxi Driver, Racket Boys, and Twenty-Five Twenty-One

The 2021 SBS Drama Awards gave him the award for Best New Actor for his work in Racket Boys and Taxi Driver.

3) Kim Mu Yeol as Yoo Seong Pil (Instagram)

Kim Mu Yeol

Kim Mu Yeol is a South Korean actor who was born in Seoul on May 22, 1982. He started out as an actor in musicals, but later moved on to small parts in films and on TV. 

Kim became known for his small parts in the films The Scam (2009) and War of the Arrows (2011). Then he got his first big part in A Muse (2012), directed by Jung Ji-woo and praised by critics. 

There are also a few other films that Kim has been in, like Northern Limit Line and The Merciless. Many awards have been given to him for his work, such as the Best Actor award at the 2009 Korea Musical Awards and the Best New Actor award at the 2021 SBS Drama Awards.

Supporting Role:

  • Jung Da Bin as Choi Min Young [Soo Young’s sister]
  • Seo Bum June as Song Jin Woo [“Prince” of Junghan High School]
  • Chae Seo Eun as Park Hee Jin
  • Kim Min as Jun Seo
  • Song Chae Hyun as Park Yoo Bin [Ho Su’s seatmate]
  • Choi Ji Su as Park Ji Hye
  • Jung Jae Sung as Park Sang Gil [Ji Hye’s father]

Why I Watch This TV Series?

Here are some reasons why you might enjoy watching High Cookie (2023):

  • Unique Plot: The play is about people who get stuck in quicksand because of a dangerous cookie that can make their dreams come true with just one bite. You’ll be on the edge of your seat with this unique and exciting story.
  • Strong Female Lead: Choi Soo Young is the main character. She is a strong and independent woman who lost her parents in an accident and now has to take care of her younger sister. She’d give up anything to protect her sister.
  • Mystery and Suspense: Yoo Seong Pil’s true goals are slowly revealed as the story goes on, making the drama very mysterious and exciting.
  • Tackles Social Issues: Bullying, differences between classes, and the pressure to do well in school are some of the social problems that the play touches on.