Henna Ie (2024) Japanese Movie

The movie is about Amemiya, a YouTuber who isn't very famous but is interested in the supernatural, who gets a strange house plan.

Henna Ie (2024)

“Henna Ie” (2024) is a Japanese movie directed by Junichi Ishikawa and written by Kentaro Ushio, based on the novel by Uketsu. Set to be released on March 15, 2024, this film falls into the genres of mystery and horror. Distributed by Toho, “Henna Ie” is in the Japanese language and hails from Japan.


MovieHenna Ie (2024)
DirectorJunichi Ishikawa
WriterUketsu (novel), Kentaro Ushio
Release DateMarch 15, 2024
GenreMystery, Horror

Henna Ie (2024): Story

Amemiya is a mysterious and esoteric YouTuber who has a relatively low following. One day, his manager brings him a home floor plan. His boss tells him that the layout looks like a normal house floor plan, but there is something strange about it. Kurihara, who is an engineer and likes mysteries, joins Amemiya as he careful looks at the floor plan.

They try to figure out what’s going on with the house. At the same time, Yuzuki calls Amemiya and says she knows something about the house he put on YouTube. It looks like she has a secret, but she joins Amemiya and Kurihara to figure out what’s going on with the house.

Henna Ie (2024): Cast

Shotaro Mamiya as Amemiya (Instagram)

Shotaro Mamiya

Shotaro Mamiya is a Japanese actor who is known for being able to play a lot of different parts. He was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, on June 11, 1993. Mamiya has been in movies, dramas, and TV shows, and he is managed by Tristone Entertainment Inc.

Among his well-known works are “Impossibility Defense” and “Suikyuu Yankees.” Mamiya is becoming more popular among fans because of how good an actor he is. In Japan, people think of him as a character actor because he can play a lot of different roles.

Jiro Sato as Kurihara (Twitter X)

Jiro Sato

Jiro Sato is an actor, writer, and director from Japan. He was born in Togo, Aichi, Japan, on May 7, 1969. Sato has been in many movies and TV shows, which shows how talented and versatile he is as an actress. From First Production works with him. “Brothers in Brothel” (2019) and “Memo” (2008) are two of his most well-known works. Sato has also worked as a film director and scriptwriter, which shows how creative he is.

Supporting Characters:

  • Rina Kawaei – Yuzuki

Why I Watch This Movie?

You may consider watching the movie “Henna Ie (2024)” for the following reasons:

  • Unique Story: The movie is about Amemiya, a YouTuber who isn’t very famous but is interested in the supernatural, who gets a strange house plan. Finding the secrets hidden in the layout is an interesting concept that adds mystery and suspense to the story.
  • Exploration of the Occult: If you’re interested in the occult or like stories with strange themes, “Henna Ie” gives you a unique view through the eyes of Amemiya, the YouTuber who posts about the occult.
  • Collaborative Investigation: To figure out what’s going on with the house, Amemiya teams up with Kurihara, a builder who loves mysteries. The relationship between the two characters and their work together to solve the puzzle give the story more depth and interest.
  • Interesting Characters: Yuzuki is a character introduced in the movie who calls Amemiya with information about the house. Her participation in the investigation adds to the mystery and makes people wonder about her own secrets, which makes people even more interested.
  • Engaging Performances: The movie has some very good actors, like Shotaro Mamiya, Jiro Sato, and Rina Kawaei. They bring their skills and charm to their parts, which makes the whole experience better.

Because of these things, “Henna Ie (2024)” is a great choice for moviegoers who want to see something different and exciting with occult and group investigation themes.