Ienai Himitsu (2024) Japanese Movie

The movie shows some parts of Japanese culture, mainly the music scene and how important music is to people there.

Ienai Himitsu (2024)

“Ienai Himitsu,” also known as “Secret” or “Unspeakable Secret,” is a Japanese movie directed by Hayato Kawai. It falls under the genre of romance and is set to be released in the summer of 2024. The film is distributed by Gaga Corporation and is in the Japanese language. It takes place in Japan, showcasing the unique cultural aspects of the country.


MovieIenai Himitsu (2024)
DirectorHayato Kawai
DistributorGaga Corporation
Release DateSummer, 2024

Ienai Himitsu (2024): Story

After going through a traumatic event, Minato (Taiga Kyomoto), who was learning music abroad, came back to Japan. He is transferred to a prestigious music university. He becomes interested in music after hearing a beautiful song played on the piano at the music school. The song brings him to Yukino, who is playing the piano and is played by Kotone Furukawa.

He asks her what song is playing, but she won’t tell him because it’s a secret. They’ve been getting closer since then. Minato can deal with his stress by playing the piano. Suddenly, Yukino is gone one day.

Ienai Himitsu (2024): Cast

Main Characters:

#1) Taiga Kyomoto as Minato

Taiga Kyomoto

Taiga Kyomoto is a singer, actress, and star from Japan. He is in the Japanese girl group SixTONES, which is handled by Johnny & Associates. Movies like “Ienai Himitsu” and “Tang” have had him in them. His name is Masaki Kyomoto, and he is also the father of Taiga Kyomoto. Taiga Kyomoto can also be found on Instagram under the name @kyomoto_taiga. He is well-known in the Japanese entertainment business and has a lot of loyal fans.

#2) Kotone Furukawa as Yukino

Kotone Furukawa

Kotone Furukawa is a Japanese actress born on October 25, 1996, in Kanagawa, Japan. Movies like “12 Suicidal Teens” and “Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy” made her famous. In the live-action TV version of “Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan,” Kotone Furukawa played the part of Eve. She is well-known in the Japanese entertainment business and has a large following on Instagram under the name @harp_tone.

Supporting Characters:

  • Yokota Mayuu as Asano Hikari
  • Nishida Naomi as Naito Atsuko
  • Sakaguchi Ryotaro as Hirose Shinnosuke
  • Miura Ryota as Tanahashi Junya
  • Minagawa Sarutoki as Yamamoto Shuji
  • Omi Toshinori as Higuchi Toru

Why I Watch This Movie?

Reasons to watch the movie “Ienai Himitsu” (2024):

  • Interesting Story: The movie follows Minato’s journey as she returns to Japan after going through a terrible experience while learning music abroad. The story is all about his meeting Yukino and how music brought them together.
  • Studying the Power of Music for Healing: The movie looks at how music can help people heal and learn more about themselves. For Minato, hearing Yukino play the beautiful piano song is the start of his emotional growth and recovery from his trauma.
  • Talented Cast: The movie has some very good actors, like Taiga Kyomoto and Kotone Furukawa, who give their parts a lot of depth and emotion.
  • Prestigious Music University Setting:¬†The story takes place at a well-known music university, which provides a beautiful background for the art and shows the world of music education.
  • Mystery and Intrigue: When Yukino quickly vanishes, the movie adds a mystery element that makes the story more suspenseful and interesting.
  • Emotional Journey: “Ienai Himitsu” takes watchers on an emotional journey as Minato and Yukino deal with their own problems and become close because they both love music.
  • Cultural Exploration: The movie shows some parts of Japanese culture, mainly the music scene and how important music is to people there.
  • Visual and Musical Experience: The movie claims to have moments that are both visually and musically captivating that will stick with viewers.
  • Positive Reviews and Recommendations: The movie has gotten positive reviews and recommendations, which means it could be an interesting and fun time at the movies.

“Ienai Himitsu” is a great movie for people who like emotional plays and stories with music as a theme because it tells a powerful story about personal growth, healing, and the power of music.