An no Koto (2024) Japanese Movie

The movie shows An's life in a realistic and gritty way, showing the problems she faces and the hard truths she has to face.

An no Koto (2024)

“An no Koto” is a Japanese movie directed and written by Yu Irie. Set to be released on June 7, 2024, the film has a runtime of 113 minutes. It is distributed by Kino Films and is primarily in the Japanese language. “An no Koto” is a production from Japan.


MovieAn no Koto
DirectorYu Irie
WriterYu Irie
DistributorKino Films
Duration113 min.
Release DateJune 7, 2024

An no Koto (2024): Story

Yuumi Kawai was born and raised in a family that didn’t work well together. She was abused by her own family and became addicted to drugs. She gains hope when she meets kind people, like a detective and a magazine reporter. She is touched their kindness without conditions. An slowly starts to think about them, but just as she starts to feel hopeful, the harsh truth of her life hits her again.

An no Koto (2024): Cast

Yuumi Kawai as An

Yuumi Kawai

Yuumi Kawai is an actress and model from Japan. She is also known as Yumi Kawai. She was born in Tokyo, Japan, on December 19, 2000. “Plan 75” (2022), “A Man” (2022), “Samayou yaiba” (2021), “Attack on Titan” (2013), and “The Ancient Magus’ Bride” (2017) are just some of the movies and TV shows that Yuumi Kawai has been in.

She earned from Tokyo Zokei University and is also a director. Yuumi Kawai is busy on social media sites like Instagram, where she posts photos and news to the people who follow her.

Why I Watch This Movie?

Here are some reasons why you should watch the movie “An no Koto (2024)”:

  • Story That Holds Your Attention: The movie is about a young woman named An who was born and raised in a broken home where she was abused and became addicted to drugs. The story is about her path of finding hope through the kindness of kind people, like a detective and a magazine reporter.
  • Deep Emotional Meaning: The movie shows An’s complicated feelings and battles in a way that makes them very real. It looks at themes like strength, forgiveness, and how hard life can be.
  • Strong Performances: Yuumi Kawai, who plays the lead character An, gives a strong performance that gives the character depth and realism. Her performance shows how vulnerable and strong An’s journey was.
  • Exploration of Human Connections: “An no Koto” highlights the importance of human connections and the impact they can have on one’s life. Through the interactions between An and the caring people she meets, the movie shows how kindness and understanding can change people.
  • Realistic and Gritty: The movie shows An’s life in a realistic and gritty way, showing the problems she faces and the hard truths she has to face. This honest portrayal gives the story more depth and realism.

Overall, “An no Koto (2024)” has a story that is both interesting and moving, great acting, and a true look at how people connect with each other. The movie dives into the complicated parts of life, making it thought-provoking and interesting to watch.