52 Hertz no Kujiratachi (2024) Japanese Movie

"52„Éė„Éę„ÉĄ„Āģ„āĮ„āł„É©„Āü„Ā°" is a movie that explores compelling themes, features strong performances, and addresses important social issues.

52 Hertz no Kujiratachi (2024)

“52 Hertz no Kujiratachi,” also known as “52 Hertz Whales” or “Go Juu Ni Herutsu no Kujiratachi,” is a Japanese movie directed by Izuru Narushima. The film is based on a novel written by Sonoko Machida. It is set to be released in March 2024 and falls under the genre of Life. “52 Hertz no Kujiratachi” is distributed by Toho and is in the Japanese language. The movie is produced in Japan.


Movie52 Hertz no Kujiratachi
DirectorIzuru Narushima
WriterSonoko Machida (novel)
Release DateMarch, 2024

52 Hertz no Kujiratachi (2024): Story

Kiko Mishima (Hana Sugisaki) was exploited by her own family. When she was little, her mom didn’t pay attention to her. When Kiko Mishima’s mother got married again, her mother, stepfather, and younger stepbrother began to abuse her mentally and physically. She wasn’t related to this family. Kiko Mishima goes to Oita, a town by the sea, and stops talking to her family in Tokyo.

Kiko Mishima meets Mushi, a 13-year-old boy, there. The abuse from his mother is so bad that he can’t talk because of it. Kiko Mishima thinks of herself as a child when she sees the boy Mushi.

52 Hertz no Kujiratachi (2024): Cast

Hana Sugisaki as Kiko Mishima

Hana Sugisaki

Hana Sugisaki is a Japanese actress born on October 2, 1997, in Tokyo, Japan . Her first role was in Stardust Promotion, which she did as a kid actress under the name Hana Kajiura. After taking a break from the business, she chose to try acting again and in April 2011 signed with the Ken-On group.

People know Sugisaki from movies like “Blade of the Immortal” (2017), “Her Love Boils Bathwater” (2016), “Bleach” (2018), “Ichiko” (2023), and “The Innocent Game” (2023). She has also been in a number of TV series and shows. People know Sugisaki for her acting skills and unique style. She often gives mature performances that are different from those of other actors her age.

Why I Watch This Movie?

There are several reasons why you might consider watching the movie “52 Hertz no Kujiratachi (2024)”:

  • Story That Holds Your Attention: The movie is about a young girl named Kiko Mishima whose family has ignored and abused her. The movie shows how she grows apart from her family and finds comfort in a beach town, where she meets a boy named Mushi who has also been abused and traumatized.
  • Emotional Depth: The movie delves into the emotional struggles faced by the main characters, Kiko Mishima and Mushi. It explores themes of resilience, healing, and the power of human connection. The emotional depth of the story can make it moving and thought-provoking to watch.
  • Strong Performances: Kiko Mishima is played by Hana Sugisaki, who gives a strong performance in the movie. Sugisaki is famous for her playing skills and unique style. She often gives mature and interesting performances. The way she plays Kiko Mishima is likely to be fascinating and interesting.
  • Social Issues: The movie talks about important social problems like abuse and neglect and how they affect people. The movie brings these issues to light, which makes people more aware and starts conversations about how important it is to understand, support, and show respect.
  • Unique Perspective: “52 Hertz no Kujiratachi” offers a unique perspective on the experiences of individuals who have faced neglect and abuse within their families. Through the story, you can understand the characters’ mental journey and see how strong they are when things go wrong.

Overall, “52 Hertz no Kujiratachi” is a movie that explores compelling themes, features strong performances, and addresses important social issues. It offers a unique perspective and has the potential to provide a thought-provoking and emotionally impactful viewing experience.