Dubai Bling Season 2 Cast Net Worth & Jobs

Discover the dazzling cast of Dubai Bling Season 2 and delve into their net worth and occupations in this captivating blog post.

Dubai bling season 2 cast networth and jobs

Dubai Bling Season 2 continues to captivate viewers with its extravagant portrayal of the participants’ opulent lifestyles. The show has a new feel thanks to the addition of new cast members who are successful businesspeople from the UAE.

People are amazed at how these people live such luxurious lives. Mona Kattan, Mohammad Ali, Fahad Siddiqui, and Salem Khammas have all joined the Dubai Bling 2 team. Now, let’s look at how much each contestant on Season 2 of Dubai Bling is worth and see who is the richest.

Please note that the following information is based on publicly available resources.

Dubai Bling Season 2 Cast Net Worth & Jobs

Mona KattanCo-founder Huda Beauty, Perfume Barnd Kayali100 to 200 Million USD
Mohammad AliProfessional Irani Boxer$200 K
EbraheemForever Rose Cafe, Al Samadi Group$50 Million
Fahad SiddiquiCEO of Siddiqui Group of Companies$400 K
Kris & BriannaLeading Radio Host$1.72 Million
Zeina KhouryReal Estate Broker & Luxury Property Sale Specialist$3 Million (approx.)
DJ Bliss & DanyaDJ, Entertainer, Youtuber$5 Million
Farhana BodiModel, Blogger, Makeup Artist$4 Million (Approx.)
Safa SiddiquiHousewife & Fashion Designer$180 K
Lojain OmranTV Star$3 Million USD
LJ aka LoujainModel, Host$2 Million
Hasnain LehriPakistnai Actor, Model$5 Million
Hassan ElaminDubai-Based Entrepreneur$8 to $10 Million (Approx.)