Hasnain Lehri: Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Dubai Bling 2

Explore Hasnain Lehri's interesting life by learning about his age, height, weight, and his famous part in Dubai Bling 2.

Hasnain Lehri Biography

Hasnain Lehri is a famous person in Pakistani show business. He is known for his roles as an actor and a fashion model. A lot of people watch him on social media sites like Instagram, where he shows his fans parts of his personal and professional life.

Lehri has made a big difference in the fashion and entertainment industries in Pakistan, and for that he has won many prizes. He is the only supermodel who has ever won five LUX Style Awards. From 2015 to 2018, he won four awards in a row, and he will win another one in 2020.

His skills and charm have also made him famous outside of Pakistan. Eastern Eye did a vote in 2017 and named him one of the Top 100 Sexiest Asian Men.

Lehri’s career has also extended to acting. He made a big impression on everyone in the second season of the reality TV show “Dubai Bling.” His performance went over well, which shows how versatile he is as a performer.

Hasnain Lehri


Birth NameHasnain Lehri
BirthdayJune 24, 1984
Birth PlaceQuetta, Pakistan
ProfessionActor, Model
Martial StatusNot Married
(In a Relationship with Loujian Adada)
Height5 Feet 10 Inches
Weight75 KG
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Net Worth$5 Million
Zodiac SignCancer

Hasnain Lehri Career Journey:

Hasnain Lehri’s career has been a fascinating journey of hard work, perseverance, and determination. In the Pakistani entertainment business, which is very competitive, he has done very well for himself and is now a major figure in the modeling and acting worlds.

Early Career

Lehri’s journey began in the city of Quetta, Baluchistan, where he was born and raised. He was always very interested in fashion and the arts, and he hoped to make it big in the entertainment business. After finishing school, he followed his dreams by moving to Karachi, which is the center of Pakistan’s entertainment business.

Breakthrough in Modeling

A fashion scout saw Lehri at a neighborhood event and gave him his big break. Right away, he was signed by one of the best modeling agencies in Pakistan, and his career took off. Top designers and shooters were drawn to him because of how good he looked, how charismatic he was, and how hard he worked. He quickly became a well-known name in the fashion world, walking the runway for famous designers and being in well-known fashion ads.

Achievements in Modeling

Lehri has won a lot of awards for her modeling work. He won the Lux Style Award for Best Model (Male) 4 years in a row, from 2015 to 2018, and he will do it again in 2020. This feat, which had never been done before, made him a real supermodel in the Pakistani fashion world. A study by the British newspaper Eastern Eye in 2017 also named him one of the Top 100 Sexiest Asian Men.

Transition to Acting

Lehri made a smooth shift from modeling to acting by using what he had learned. On the reality TV show Dubai Bling,” which was his first time on TV, he showed off his playing skills. Both the audience and the critics liked his performance, which made him even more famous.


Like many public figures, Lehri’s career has not been without controversy. In 2023, he was accused of assault by fellow model Nimra Jacob. Lehri refuted the claims, and the situation is being looked into right now.

Current Status

Lehri is still a well-known person in the entertainment business in 2023. He’s always working on new things, and his story of success keeps inspiring other people. His journey shows how talented, dedicated, and determined he is to follow his dreams no matter what.

Hasnain Lehri Wife/Girlfriend

Hasnain Lehri is not married yet. He is seeing the popular model Loujian Adada, also known as LJ. He asks her to marry him while they are on the popular Netflix show Dubai Bling. Many people like them together and think they are both very beautiful.

Father & Brother

Hasnain Lehri was born and raised in Quetta, Pakistan. In 2019, his younger brother had a rapid heart attack and died. That was a terrible loss for his family. In 2021, his dad died.

Hasnain Lehri Movies & TV Series List:

2023Dubai Bling Season 2ContestantNetflix

Hasnain Lehri Interesting Facts:

  • Hasnain Lehri is a well-known Pakistani model and actor.
  • Lehri has won a lot of awards in his life.
  • Lehri holds the record for winning the Lux Style Award for Best Model.
  •  In 2017, Lehri was named one of the Top 100 Sexiest Asian Men.
  • Lehri has over a million followers on Instagram.
  • Lehri also acted in season 2 of “Dubai Bling” with his other co-stars, like Hassan Elamin, Danya Mohammed, Salem Khammas, Mohammad Ali, and Farhana Bodi.
  • Lehri is also the CEO of a leading construction company in Pakistan.
  • Lehri has been romantically linked with Lebanese reality TV star Loujain Adada.
  • Hasnain Lehri’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.