Breaking News Drama Cast, Storyline & Timing

"Breaking News" tries to show the problems and moral problems that Journalists face in their job. It gives an accurate picture of the media business.

Breaking News Drama Cast

Breaking News is a Pakistani Drama that premiered in November 2023. It airs on Green Entertainment at 8:00 PM. The main cast includes Hamza Sohail and Amar Khan. Directed by Kashif Nisar and written by Amar Khan, this drama is produced by Q & K Productions. Falling under the genre of romance and drama, each episode of the show has a running time of 38-42 minutes. Breaking News is a captivating serial that represents the creative talent of Pakistan.


DramaBreaking News (Pakistani Drama)
Urduō®ōĪŘĆŕ©ŔÜŕĮ ŔÜŘĆŔąō≤ Ŕĺōßŕ©ō≥ō™ōßŔÜŘĆ ŕąōĪōßŔÖŘĀ
DirectorKashif Nisar
WriterAmar Khan
ProductionQ & K Productions
NetworkGreen Entertainment
No. of Episodes
Duration38‚Äď42 Minutes
Release Date9 December 2023
GenreRomance, Drama
RuntimeFriday, Saturday, and Sunday at 9:00 PM
CountrySouth Korea

Breaking News Drama Story:

Breaking News is a drama series about a girl who works as a news reporter named Mashal and her coworker and friend Hussain. The journalist is very brave and honest, and they do their job honestly. Mashal’s life turns upside down after he fights with a politician on the show. Her indecent videos on the internet to degrade her. Anyway, she is a brave and strong girl who doesn’t give up hope, no matter what.

Breaking News Drama Cast:

Main Characters:

#1) Amar Khan as Mashal (Instagram)

Amar Khan

Amar Khan is an actor and screenwriter. In Pakistan’s entertainment business, she has become more famous. She played the role of Mashal in the 2023 Pakistani Drama Series “Breaking News”. Amar Khan is very active on social media.

He has over 1 million fans on Instagram. She has appeared in various TV shows and movies, including the series “Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain” and the film “Mulk”. Amar Khan is known for how talented she is and how hard she works at what she does. She is also a true Punjabi and a food lover.

#2) Talha Chahour as Hussain (Instagram)

Talha Chahour

Talha Chahour is a famous Pakistani singer who has worked in both theater and TV. He became well-known for playing Capt. Z. I. Farrukh in the political thriller “Jo Bichar Gaye” (2021‚Äď2022). For this role, he was nominated for the 21st Lux Style Awards for Best Emerging Talent in TV. Now he played the role of Hussain in the 2023 Pakistani Drama Series “Breaking News”.

He was born and raised in Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan. Talha Chahour comes from a Punjabi Muslim family. He is the youngest of six children. Akhtar Chahour, his father, is a lawyer and a member of the Punjab Bar Council. He is currently the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee.

He went to Lahore when he was 15 years old to go to GC University, Lahore. Along with “Wabaal” (2022), “Jannat Se Aagay” (2023), and “Mannat Murad” (2023), he has also been in other TV comes. With over 70k fans on Instagram, Talha Chahour has a big social media following.

Supporting Characters:

  • Haseeb Khan as Azmat Bhagio
  • Ali Safina
  • Faiza Gillani
  • Saleem Mairaj

Why I Watch This TV Series?

There are several reasons why you should watch the TV series “Breaking News (2023) Pakistani Serial”:

  • Engaging Storyline: According to the plot, the story is about the lives of two news reporters, Mashal and Hussain. It looks at their journey as brave and honest reporters who fight against wrongdoing and face difficulties.
  • Strong Female Protagonist: Mashal, the main character, is shown to be a brave and strong girl who never gives up hope, even when things get tough. Her toughness and drive make her an interesting character to watch.
  • Social Issues: The show talks about some social issues, like how people can abuse technology and how that can affect them. It shows what happens to Mashal when her inappropriate movies get shared online.
  • Cast with Lots of Talent: The drama has a lot of skilled actors, like Hamza Sohail and Amar Khan, who make their roles come to life.
  • Realistic Presentation: “Breaking News” tries to show the problems and moral problems that Journalists face in their job. It gives an accurate picture of the media business.

If you watch “Pakistani Drama Breaking News (2023),” you can look forward to an interesting plot, a strong female lead, a look at social problems, great acting, and an accurate portrayal of the media industry. It is a story that is fun to watch while also showing important issues and problems that journalists face.