Who is Aleisia Owens? Why She Kills Iris Rita Alfera?

Aleisia Owens

Aleisia Owens is a lady who was involved in a criminal case that got a lot of attention. She was arrested and charged in connection with the death of Iris Rita Alfera, a one-year-old girl. Bailey Jacoby, Iris Rita Alfera’s dad, was seeing Aleisia Owens, and the two of them were living together when the accident happened.

On June 25, 2023, Bailey Jacoby left the house to go to the store, leaving Aleisia Owens alone with Iris Rita Alfera. His wife, Aleisia Owens, called him and said that their daughter was in trouble. When first rescuers got to the scene, they found the one-year-old girl not breathing.

The ambulance took her to the hospital for treatment, but she died on June 29. Organ failure from acetone overdose was found to be the cause of death during an autopsy.

Authorities said that in the months before the incident, Aleisia Owens had done a lot of study online on how “water beads” and batteries can hurt people. She is said to have looked for details about poisoning and accidental deaths of children.

In addition to acetone poisoning, the investigation showed that Iris Rita Alfera had also eaten water beads, batteries, and a metal screw.

Iris Rita Alfera died, and Aleisia Owens was later charged with criminal murder due to her death. The tragic events of the child’s death brought the case a lot of attention from the media.

Quick Info
Real Name Aleisia Lynnae Owens.
In News Arrested.
Age 20.
Birth Date September 7, 2000.
Birth Place New Castle, Pennsylvania.
Gender Female.
Nationality American.
Love Life
Boyfriend Bailey Jacoby.
Body Measurements
Height In feet: 5′ 6″.
In centimeters: 167.6 cm.
In meters: 1.676 m.
Weight Kg: 54.7.
Pounds: 120.5 lbs.
Eyes Brown.
Hair Brown.

All About Pennsylvania Woman Aleisia Owens

  • Aleisia Owens (age 20, born September 7, 2000) from Lawrence County arrested in connection with the abuse and tragic death of her boyfriend’s one-year-old daughter
  • Owens facing serious charges, including criminal homicide, linked to the baby’s unfortunate passing in June 2023
  • Joint investigation by the Office of the Attorney General and New Castle Police Department led to charges being filed on January 11, 2024
  • Aleisia denied bail due to severity of homicide charges
  • Medical Examiner’s findings revealed fatal levels of acetone in child’s blood at the time of death, ruled as a homicide
  • Shocking discovery: baby had ingested various items, including water beads, button-shaped batteries, and a metal screw in the months prior to her passing
  • Further inquiry revealed Owens actively researched potential harm of water beads and batteries online before child consumed these items.

Aleisia Owens killed Iris Rita Alfera

Why did Aleisia Owens kill Iris Rita Alfera?

Reports say that on June 25, 2023, emergency medical workers went to a home in New Castle, Pennsylvania, after getting a call about a 1-year-old girl named Iris who wasn’t responding. Iris was not moving or awake when they got there.

They took her right away to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Jameson Hospital to get help right away. She was later flown to UPMC Children’s Hospital because her situation was so bad.

Even though everyone tried to save her, Iris sadly couldn’t survive her injuries and was pronounced dead on June 29. An autopsy done on June 30 showed that Iris died from organ failure caused by acetone overdose.

After looking at the baby’s body, doctors decided that she had been introduced to acetone not long before she was taken to the hospital.

Aleisia Owens arrested

Police Caught Aleisia Owens

Aleisia Owens has been caught by police in connection with Iris’s sad death. The DA’s office and the New Castle Police Department led the investigation, which found that Owens had done disturbing web searches on her phone in the months before she poisoned Iris and killed her.

Owens looked for information over and over again from February to June about things like nail paint, batteries, and water beads that could hurt or kill a child.

It’s shocking that some of the words she searched for were “poisonous products to babies” and “what happens when someone drinks acetone.” Owens is now being charged with aggravated assault of a child, murder, and endangering the safety of a child, among other things.

Owens didn’t show any feeling when she went to court on January 11, 2024, to see Judge Richard A. Russo.

Iris Rita Alfera killer Aleisia Owens

Aleisia Owens FAQs

Ques: Who is Iris Rita Alfera’s real mother?

Ans: Emily Alfera.

Ques: How old is Aleisia Owens?

Ans: Aleisia is 20.

Ques: From where is Aleisia Owens?

Ans: Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.