Dooriyan Pakistani Drama (2023) Cast, Story & Release Date

"Dooriyan" promises to be an entertaining drama with its engaging storyline, strong performances, emotional depth, and cultural insights.

Dooriyan Pakistani Drama

Dooriyan is a Pakistani love drama that aired on Hum TV in 2023. Sami Khan and Maheen Siddiqui, two well-known Pakistani actors, play the lead parts. People who watch Dooriyan will see the new couple on TV. Hum TV always made sure their fans had good Urdu dramas to watch. Let’s look at the full cast list, story, and other details for the Pakistani Drama Dooriyan.


DramaDooriyan Pakistani Drama
UrduōĮŔąōĪŘĆōßŕļ Ŕĺōßŕ©ō≥ō™ōßŔÜŘĆ ŕąōĪōßŔÖŘĀ
DirectorAdeel Siddiqui
ProducerMomina Duraid
WriterSamra Bukhari
No. of EpisodesTBA
Duration40 mints
Release Date5th November 2023
GenreRomance, Family
RuntimeTuesday at 09:00 PM

Dooriyan Pakistani Drama (2023): Story

Hum TV just put out the trailer for their brand-new drama series Dooriyan. This show is about a love story with a lot of drama and romance. It also shows how love can get through tough times. Maheen Siddiqui and Sami Khan have to deal with some tough problems that involve more people.

Haroon loves Nimra and wants to marry her, but Nimra’s family plans for her to marry Kamil instead. There are three people in love: Nimra, Haroon, and Kamil. Sami Khan plays the lead part of Haroon, and Maheen Siddiqui plays Nimra.

A lot of people are excited to see how the love story in the show will develop after seeing the trailer. It looks like a great thing to add to HUM TV’s collection. Get ready for a story about love, strength, and turns you didn’t see coming.

Dooriyan Pakistani Drama (2023): Cast

Main Characters:

#1) Sami Khan as Haroon (Instagram)

Sami Khan

Sami Khan is an actor and model from Pakistan who was born on July 6, 1980, and is 43 years old. Mannsoor Aslam Khan Niazi is his real name. He plays music and has a band called “Jadoo” that did well until 2008.

Some of the movies he was in are Salakhain, Devar Bhabhi, Kaaf Kangana, and Yaara Vey. But his part in Wrong No. 2 with Neelam Muneer made him more famous. A few of the well-known plays he was in are Grey, Khudgarz, Dikhawa, Tinkay Ka Sahara, Kalank, and Inkaar. During his career, he won four awards for Best TV Actor.

He married Shanzay Khan in 2009 and later had two children. 918k people follow him on Instagram. He played the lead part of Haroon in the Dooriyan play, who falls in love with Nimra.

#2) Maheen Siddiqui as Nimra (Instagram)

Maheen Siddiqui

In Pakistan’s entertainment business, Maheen Siddiqui is on the rise as an actor. The drama series “Dobara” was her first job. She is 23 years old. Among the movies she has worked on are “Agar” and “Mere Ban Jaao.” She is not married yet and is still committed to her work.

Maheen has also worked as a model for different brands and music videos in addition to her playing career. She played Nimra, a girl who falls in love with Haroon in the Dooriyan play.

Supporting Characters:

  • Huanian Shahid as Faris
  • Sarah Aijaz as Aiman
  • Fajar Khan
  • Hunain Shahid
  • Beena Chaudhry
  • Dua Zehra
  • Waseem Abbas
  • Sadaf Ahsan
  • Sara Neelam
  • Azra Mansoor
  • Nida Mumtaz
  • Arina Mir
  • Majida Hameed

Why I Watch This TV Show?

Reasons to Watch the Pakistani Drama “Dooriyan (2023)”:

  • Engaging Love Triangle: Haroon, Nimra, and Kamil are all in a relationship, and the story is based around their relationship. This plot adds drama and emotional depth to the show, which keeps people interested in the characters and their relationships.
  • Strong Performances: Sami Khan, who is known for his amazing acting skills, plays the lead part of Haroon. Also, Maheen Siddiqui brings Nimra to life as a character. These actors’ acts improve the drama as a whole and make it worth watching.
  • Interesting Story: “Dooriyan” is about Haroon’s love for Nimra and how hard he tries to marry her even though her family wants her to marry Kamil. Tension and drama are created by this struggle, which keeps viewers interested in the story.
  • Emotional Depth: The story looks at love, sacrifice, and what people expect of each other. It shows how complicated relationships can be and how hard things are for the characters, which makes people feel a lot of different things. This emotional depth gives the story more depth and helps the viewer connect with it.
  • Production Quality: The production quality of Pakistani shows is always very good, and “Dooriyan” is no different. From the set designs to the photography, the drama has scenes that are nice to look at and make the whole experience better.
  • Cultural Insight: Watching “Dooriyan” is a good way to learn about Pakistani traditions, society, and social norms. The story shows how relationships change over time and how family and social norms affect people. It gives us a look into Pakistani culture.
  • Entertainment Value : Overall, “Dooriyan” promises to be an entertaining drama with its engaging storyline, strong performances, emotional depth, and cultural insights. Fans of Pakistani dramas or anyone who likes interesting stories should watch this show because it has a mix of romance, drama, and mystery.

Don’t forget to watch “Dooriyan” to enjoy the interesting love triangle, great acting, gripping story, deep emotions, top-notch production, cultural insights, and overall fun entertainment it provides. Have fun with the show!