Son Wonik Singles Inferno 3: Biography, Age, Girlfriend

Son Wonik Singles Inferno 3

Son Wonik is a contestant on the reality dating show “Singles Inferno 3.” He has been brought up in a number of fan reactions and conversations about the show. Other fans have talked about how disappointed they are with his personality, while others have thought he might be dating other contestants like Choi Hye-seon and Yu Si-Eun.

His work as a real estate agent and the start of a new law company called Wion are also well known. Here we have Singles Inferno 3 Son Wonik age, height, Instagram and Job Details.

Son Wonik Singles Inferno 3

Age & Height

  • Son Wonik is 31 years old.
  • His height is 6 feet 1 inches.
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Son Won Ik Job

  • Real estate agent in Seoul.
  • He is also a Youtuber.

In Singles Inferno 3

The cast member Son Wonik is one of the most talented ones in Singles Inferno. He liked how Si Eun looked in the show. Hye Seon was interested in Won Ik, though. Son Wonik picked Si Eun in the end, but she picked Min Woo.