Yu Si Eun: Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Single’s Inferno 3 

Discover the rising star, Yu Si Eun, as we delve into her journey in the entertainment industry.

Yu Si Eun Biography

Yu Si Eun is a competitor on the third season of the reality show Single’s Inferno 3 that is shown on Netflix in Korea. She is an actress, model, and social media star from South Korea. Yu Si Eun is 26 years old, having been born in 1997. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She became known after coming in second place at the Kiss Korea 2022 Beauty Pageant. She lives in Seoul now and continues to work as a model and social media personality.

Yu Si Eun


Birth NameYu Si Eun
Birthday1997, Seoul, South Korea
Birth PlaceSeoul, South Korea
ProfessionActress, Model, & Social Media Influencer
Martial StatusUn-Married
Height5 Feet 6 Inch
Weight56 KG
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorDark Brown
Net Worth$700k to $1.3 Million (Approx.)
Zodiac SignTaurus

Yu Si Eun Career Journey:

Yu Si Eun’s career journey has been an exciting and remarkable one. Yu Si Eun started out as a young talent who wanted to make it big in the entertainment business.

Yu Si Eun found her love for acting and modeling when she was very young. She got better by acting in school plays and neighborhood theater productions, which let her show off her natural talent and ability to adapt to different roles.

Yu Si Eun chose to follow her dreams with all her heart after she finished school. Her auditions for many parts were turned down, but she never gave up, even when things went wrong. She was determined, and it paid off when she got her first acting job in a famous Korean drama. Many people liked her act, which was the start of her rise to fame.

Yu Si Eun started getting more offers from well-known directors and producers as her fame grew. Yu Si Eun is a contestant in the 2023 Korean Netflix reality show Single’s Inferno Season 3 like other contestant: Lee Gwan Hee & Choi Hye Seon. This season is also full of surprises and entertainment like the two previous seasons. She played a lot of different parts that showed how versatile she was as an actress . 

Yu Si Eun Movies & TV Series List:

Single’s Inferno 32023ContestantNetflix

Yu Si Eun Interesting Facts:

  • Yu Si Eun gained recognition on “Single’s Inferno Season 3.”
  • Her acting, modeling, and social media influencer skills are impressive.
  • Yu Si Eun placed second in Kiss Korea 2022.
  • Her acting skills are well-suited to serious dramas and romantic comedies.
  • Yu Si Eun is a popular fashion campaign and magazine cover model.
  • She engages with fans on Instagram and YouTube.