High Tides (Knokke Off) 2023 Series Cast Name & Story

Experience the allure of "High Tides (Knokke Off)" 2023 series. Join a young couple in Knokke as they navigate secrets, expectations, and self-discovery. Discover the captivating cast and unique story.

Knokke Off

The 2023 Netflix show High Tides is a teen thriller. This German series is the perfect mix of romance, drama, and fun. The story is about a group of friends who have to deal with the harsh realities of life. Find out more about the real names, ages, and pictures of the High Tides 2023 Netflix cast.

SeriesHigh Tides (Knokke Off)
DirectorTom Goris
CinematographyTom Bonroy, Pieter Van Alphen
ProducersAnthony Van Biervliet, Ruben Vandenborre, Angela Pruijssers, Willem Pruijssers
No. of Episodes10
Duration35 – 40 min
Release Date7th December 2023
GenreRomance, Drama, and Fun
CountryBelgium, Netherlands

High Tides 2023 Series: Story

Louise and Alexandre, a young couple in their early 20s, are having a fun summer with their friends in Knokke, a fancy town on the coast of Belgium. Their rich families put a lot of pressure on them to live a fancy life and throw fancy parties, even though they already do.

Everyone turns into their true selves as the summer goes on. Louise has a hard time with her bipolar disorder and starts to wonder if she really needs the pills that help her control her mood. Alex, who gets angry easily, fights his own problems and is determined not to do what his father did after having an affair with Alex’s mother’s best friend. There are a lot of secrets in Knokke, even though it looks like a trendy town.

While everything is going crazy, Daan and his mother Melissa from the Dutch city of Breda show up. During the summer, they are staying in a place called Cadzand near Knokke. Their presence changes everything. As more and more people show who they really are, the search for the truth gets even more serious.

High Tides 2023 Series Cast Name

#1) Pommelien Thijs as Louise Basteyns (Instagram)

Pommelien Thijs

Pommelien Thijs is a Belgian actress, singer, and musician. She became famous for her part as Caro in the TV show “#LikeMe,” and now she’s having a successful career as a singer on her own. A few of her well-known songs are “Nu wij niet meer praten,” “Ongewoon,” and “Erop of eronder.” Thijs has also appeared in TV shows and movies such as “Knokke Off,” “Labyrinthus,” and “The Claus Family”. She has a lot of fans on social media. Over 292K people follow her on Instagram. (Read More About Pommelien Thijs)

#2) Willem De Schryver as Alexander Vandael (Instagram)

Willem De Schryver Bio

Willem De Schryver is an actor, model, and singer from Belgium. He is famous for his parts in several TV shows, such as “Skam Belgium,” “Dj-vu,” “KnokkeOff,” and “wtFOCK.” A lot of people know about De Schryver because he is active on social media sites like Instagram, where he posts pictures and updates for his followers.

He is also into music and has worked as a DJ in addition to being an actor. Over 70k people follow De Schryver on Instagram, which is a big number of people. (Read More About Willem De Schryver)

#3) Eliyha Altena as Daan (Instagram)

Eliyha Altena

Eliyha Altena is a young actor who has been in a lot of different movies. He has appeared in TV series such as “Hunter Street” and “De Ludwigs” and movies like “Sonny Boy” and “De allergrootste slijmfilm.” Altena has also done musical theater, such as having a part in the show “Zorro.”

A lot of people watch him on social media, especially Instagram, where he posts photos and updates for those who are interested. Altena was born on February 19, 2002, and is currently around 21 years old. (Read More About Elihya Altena)

Supporting Characters:

  • Manouk Pluis as Anouk
  • Caroline Stas as Claudia
  • Kes Bakker as Matti
  • Ayana Doucoure as Margaux
  • Jef Hellemans as Victor
  • Felicia Van Remoortel as Olivia
  • Ruth Becquart as Eleonore
  • Emma Moortgat as Emilie Basteyns
  • Anna Drijver as Melissa
  • Jasmine Sendar as Christine
  • Ini Massez as Angelique
  • Pieter Genard as Jan Basteyns
  • Pierre Gervais as Charles

Which This Make This Series Interesting:

Based on what we know about the Netflix show “High Tides (Knokke Off) 2023,” here are some reasons you might want to watch it:

  • Engaging Storyline: The show is about a young couple named Louise and Alexandre as they enjoy a carefree summer in the fancy town of Knokke. The story is about their personal problems, the secrets they keep, and the stress that comes from having rich families.
  • Exploration of Mental Health: Louise’s battle with bipolar disorder adds depth to the narrative, as she questions the necessity of her mood-regulating pills. This part of the story gives us a chance to talk about mental health problems and how they affect people.
  • Character Growth: As the summer goes on, the characters start to show what they’re really like, including their flaws, personal fears, and how complicated their relationships are. This makes it possible for interesting character growth and discovery.
  • Mystery and Intrigue: Knokke, initially portrayed as a fashionable town, is revealed to be a place full of hidden secrets. The element of mystery and intrigue builds suspense and keeps watchers interested as they work with the characters to find the truth.
  • New Characters: The story takes on a new direction with the arrival of Daan and his mother Melissa from the Dutch city of Breda. Their arrival near Knokke in Cadzand changes everything and makes the search for the truth even more intense.
  • Realistic Portrayal: The show tries to show relationships as they really are, with all of their flaws and problems, as well as the problems young people face in a high-pressure setting.