Namak Haram Drama Cast Name With Photo

Discover the star-studded cast of the popular drama "Namak Haram"! Get to know the talented actors and actresses through their names and captivating photos.

Namak Haram Drama Cast

The drama “Namak Haram” airs on the Hum TV network. It is a love story based drama directed by Shaqielle Khan and written by Saqlain Abbas. The main cast includes Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan. The drama is produced by Momina Duraid under the production company MD Production. Each episode has a running time of 40 minutes and is aired every Friday at 8:00 PM. “Namak Haram” is a Pakistani drama that is primarily in the Urdu language.


DramaNamak Haram
UrduŔÜŔÖŕ© ō≠ōĪōßŔÖ Ŕĺōßŕ©ō≥ō™ōßŔÜŘĆ ŕąōĪōßŔÖŘĀ
DirectorShaqielle Khan
WriterSaqlain Abbas
NetworkHum Tv
No. of EpisodesTBA
Duration40 minutes
Release Date3 November 2023
GenreLove Story
RuntimeFriday 8:00 PM

Namak Haram Drama Cast Name With Pictures

Sarah Khan as Asma (Instagram)

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan played the role of Asma in the Pakistani Drama¬†Namak Haram. Sarah Khan, whose real name is Sarah Falak, is a Pakistani actor who works in Urdu-language TV shows. She was born on July 14, 1992 . A supporting part in the 2012 Hum TV drama “Badi Aapa” was Sarah’s first acting job.

Since then, she has been in a number of other shows. She gained recognition for her portrayal of Miraal in the Hum TV drama “Sabaat” Falak Shabir is a singer, and Sarah Khan is married to him. They have one child together. She is also the sister of actress Noor Zafar Khan

Imran Ashraf as Mureed (Instagram)

Imran Ashraf

Imran Ashraf Awan is a Pakistani actor, writer, and host. He was born in Peshawar, Pakistan, on September 11, 1989. Imran Ashraf played the character of Mureed in the drama Namak Haram. His parts in Famous Pakistani dramas like “Dil Lagi,” “Alif Allah Aur Insaan,” and “Raqs-e-Bismil” made him famous.

While he is known for playing the mentally ill Bhola in the thriller “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi,” which earned him the Best TV Actor award at the Lux Style Awards, Imran Ashraf is also busy on social media. He has a lot of followers on Instagram. Besides being an actor, he has also said that he wants to write.

Anika Zulfikar as Aimal (Instagram)

Anika Zulfikar

Anika Zulfikar is a Pakistani-Canadian actress known for her roles in short films and other projects. Her roles in short films like “Desi Standard Time Travel” and “Majboor-e-Mamool” have won awards.

Anika Zulfikar has also done voiceover work and has been hired for a voiceover ad. She is busy on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok, where she posts videos and interacts with people who follow her. (Read More About Anika Zulifikar)

Babar Ali as Amin Qureshi (Instagram)

Babar Ali

Amin Qureshi is played by Babar Ali in the thriller “Namak Haram.” He was born on June 30, 1972, in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. He is a famous Pakistani actor who works in movies and on TV. Babar Ali’s work stretches over many years. His first movie role was in “Jeeva” in 1995.

Most people know him for his part as Bali, the main character in the 2002 PTV drama series “Landa Bazar.” A famous drama on ARY Digital called “Kuch Ankahi” was his first TV show before “Namak Haram.”

Sunita Marshal as Malaika (Instagram)

Sunita Marshal

Sunita Marshall plays Malaika in the show Namak Haram. She gained popularity for her work in television dramas and as a supermodel. They’ve been married for more than 14 years and Sunita Marshall is married to famous star Hassan Ahmed. They have two kids together. These two people got married in two different rituals, one Muslim and one Catholic, since Sunita Marshall is a Catholic. She has been praised for gracefully handling intrusive questions about her faith.

Sunita Marshall has a lot of fans on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, where she posts updates and talks to her fans. Aside from that, she has been in short films and done voiceover work. Sunita Marshall is known for how well she works and how much she cares for her family and herself.

Other Supporting Characters:

  • Nabeela Khan
  • Salma Asim
  • Mohsin Ejaz
  • Sajawal Khan