Emotional Twist in “Mein” Episode 18 Leaves Mubashira’s Fans Heartbroken

People who watch Mein now feel bad for Mubashira because she didn't really do anything bad.

Mein Episode 18- Fans Feel Sad For Mubashira

Mein was advertised as a very intense drama and the fact that Ayeza Khan and Wahaj Ali were the main actors made everyone happy. Mubashira Jaffar, played by Ayeza Khan, is shown to be cocky, unable to make up her mind, and not very interesting.

She has a lot of power and wealth, but all she wants is to get married. But Zaid always thinks about his first love, Ayra, even though he married Mubashira instead of giving her a chance.

Ayra, played by Azekah Daniel, only wanted to be with Zaid at first, but now she doesn’t seem to know what she wants in life.

Fans Feel Sad For Mubashira

A big change happened in the most recent episode when Mubashira set up the wedding for Zaid and Ayra and made sure that Asif Sahab went to his son’s second wedding. Why does Ayra want to look like a gold digger now? Mubashira isn’t winning because she married her husband to avoid being called a divorcee again. It’s important to note that Mubashira’s father and brother were there for her the whole time.

People who watch Mein now feel bad for Mubashira because she didn’t really do anything bad.