#RIIZE Dominate as The Top Rookie of 2023 on TikTok

The total views on content using the '#RIIZE' hashtag, reaching an impressive 2.1 billion views.

RIIZE Dominate as The Top Rookie of 2023 on TikTok

RIIZE (under SM Entertainment) continues to dominate as the top rookie of 2023 on TikTok.

In just three months since their debut, RIIZE has surpassed 300 million views on their official TikTok account (@riize_official) and the total views on content using the#RIIZE hashtag, reaching an impressive 2.1 billion views. This remarkable achievement highlights their rapid growth in popularity.


RIIZE has been actively sharing music-related content on TikTok, including point choreography, performance practices, dance challenges, and the popular ‘Anton’s POV (Point of View)’ series, which provides a glimpse into Anton’s daily life. They have also released short videos incorporating trendy memes like time scans. With around 200 diverse contents, RIIZE has captured the attention of fans worldwide.

Moreover, the members have actively engaged with TikTok users by liking and commenting on Rise-related content. In response to a fan’s request for a step tutorial on the challenging ‘Get A Guitar’ choreography, Shotaro personally filmed a tutorial and shared a special reaction video, showcasing their dedication to connecting with fans.

RIIZE’s sincere professionalism and natural stage presence have caught the attention of various social media platforms. In just four days after opening their Instagram account, they gathered over 1 million followers, setting a new record for K-pop groups. Additionally, their YouTube content has accumulated millions of views within two months of their debut, marking another milestone.

Looking ahead, RIIZE will make appearances on KBS2TV’s ‘2023 Music Bank Global Festival’ on December 15th and SBS’s ‘2023 Gayo Daejeon’ on the 25th, further solidifying their presence in the industry.