“Evilive (TV Series)” 2023 Korean Drama Review

"Evilive (TV Series)" is a South Korean TV show with Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Young-kwang, and Shin Jae-ha as the main characters.

Evilive TV Series

“Evilive (TV Series)” is a South Korean TV show with Shin Ha-kyunKim Young-kwang, and Shin Jae-ha as the main characters. It is a drama that was made by Genie TV and will be available to watch on that network. The first episode will air on ENA on October 14, 2023, and every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST).


DramaEvillive (English title) / Villain Story (literal title)
DirectorKim Jung-Min, Kim Sung-Min
WriterSeo Hee, Lee Seung-Hoon
NetworkENA, Genie TV
No of Episodes16 (Expected)
Release DateOctober 14, 2023 —
RuntimeSaturday & Sunday 22:30
CountrySouth Korea

Evilive (TV series): Story

Lawyer Han Dong Soo helps people make a living. It’s up to him to choose which prisoner to visit and which case to take up. He is usually logical and sensible, but he has a dark side deep inside. 

He does something that makes him cross the line and enter the world of evil. Han Beom Jae is his younger half-brother. 

Han Beom Jae works at a store that sells used computers and also brings Han Dong-soo clients as a case dealer. Han Beom Jae sees that Han Dong Soo has changed since the case he brought him.

Seo Do Young is the second most important member of a crime group and is involved in that case. 

He used to play baseball and doesn’t look like a normal gangster. He hides a cruel and unpredictable madness behind his good looks.

Evilive (TV series): Cast

Main Character:

1) Shin Ha-kyun as Han Dong-soo (Instagram)

Shin Ha-kyun

Shin Ha-kyun is a South Korean actor who was born in Seoul on May 30, 1974. He studied acting at the Seoul Institute of the Arts and went on to star in many productions of plays written by Jang Jin. 

Some of the movies and TV shows that Shin has been in are Joint Security Area (2000),  “Evilive (TV Series)”, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002), Save the Green Planet! (2003), Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005), Empire of Lust (2015), and Less Than Evil (2019). He is famous for his parts in the TV shows Brain (2011), Soul Mechanic (2020), and Beyond Evil (2021). 

The Grand Prize at the KBS Drama Awards went to Shin for his role as a cold and ambitious doctor in Brain. He has won many other awards for his acting.

2) Kim Young-kwang as Seo Do-young (Instagram)

Kim Young-kwang

Kim Young-kwang is an actor and model from South Korea. He was born in Incheon on January 11, 1987. His first job was as a model, and he has worked for Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, and Etro, among others. 

He was the first Asian model to walk in Dior Homme’s show in 2008. “Evilive (TV Series)”, Runway Cop (2012), Hot Young Bloods (2014), Pinocchio (2014), D-Day (2015), Sweet Stranger and Me (2016), The Guardians (2017), The Secret Life of My Secretary (2019), On Your Wedding Day (2018), and The Soul-Mate (2018) are just a few of the movies and TV shows that Kim has been in. He has also won a lot of awards for his acting.

3) Shin Jae-ha as Han Beom-jae (Instagram)

Shin Jae-ha

Shin Jae-ha is a South Korean actor who was born in Seoul on April 2, 1993. The first movie he was in was “Set Me Free” in 2014. His part in the drama “Pinocchio” in the same year got him a lot of attention. 

He’s been in a lot of popular shows since then, like “Evilive (TV Series)”, “Sassy Go Go” (2015), “Remember” (2015‚Äď2016), “Page Turner” (2016), and “While You Were Sleeping” (2017). The Seoul WebFest Awards gave him the “Best Actor” award for his lead part in Trace of the Hand. Shin Jae-ha has been in the military since November 24, 2020, and is now doing his required service.

Supporting Characters:

  • Song Young-chang
  • Hwang Ja-neung as Oh Soon-kyung
  • Gil Hae-yeon
  • Choi Byung-mo as Moon Hae-joon
  • Choi Jung-in as Hye-young
  • Choi Min-cheol as Bae Jong-ha
  • Jo Dal-hwan as Seon-gyo
  • Choi Yoo-ha as Park Je-yi
  • Lee Kang-ji as Lee Seok
  • Jo Hyun-woo as Lee Su-ho
  • Kwon Hyuk as Cheol-jin
  • Kwak Jin-seok as Song Yong-chan
  • Park Sang-won
  • Bae Na-ra as Kwon Oh-jae

Why I Watch This TV Series?

“Evilive (TV Series)” might be fun for you to watch because of these things:

  • The show is a crime noir drama about a lawyer who is having a hard time and meets a perfect bad guy and ends up becoming a perfect bad guy himself.
  • Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Young-kwang, and Shin Jae-ha are some of the skilled people who work on the show.
  • The story of the show is interesting and gripping, and it focuses on how the main character goes from being a lawyer to a bad guy.
  • The characters in the show are well-rounded and complicated. Each one has their own story and reasons for doing what they do.
  • The show explores morals, justice, and the nature of evil through themes that make you think and are philosophical.

I hope this helps you choose whether to watch “Evilive (TV Series)” or not!