Man and Woman (2023) Korean Drama

The drama is set in 2023, so it has modern production standards and great visuals. Paying close attention to the details in the outfits, sets, and filming can make the whole experience better.

Between Him and Her

Man and Woman (literal title), also known as Between Him and Her (2023), Namgwa Yeo, and A Man and A Woman, is a Korean drama series. The show is directed by Lee Yoo-Yeon and Park Sang-Min, with a screenplay by Hyeo No (based on the webcomic) and Park Sang-Min. It is set to air on Channel A, with a total of 16 episodes.

The genres of the show include romance, youth, and drama. The release date is scheduled for December 26, 2023, and it will run until 2024. The show will be aired on Tuesdays at 22:30, and the language used will be Korean. Man and Woman is produced in South Korea.


DramaMan and Woman (literal title)
HangulŽā®Í≥ľ žó¨
DirectorLee Yoo-Yeon, Park Sang-Min
WriterHyeo No (webcomic), Park Sang-Min
NetworkChannel A
No. of Episodes16
Release DateDecember 26, 2023 – 2024
GenreRomance, Youth, Drama
RuntimeTuesday 22:30
CountrySouth Korea

Man and Woman (2023): Story

Jung Hyun-Sung is her boyfriend, and Han Sung-Ok (Lee Seol) styles jewelry. They’ve been dating for seven years, but neither of them is as excited about the relationship as they used to be. Han Sung-Ok and Jung Hyun-Sung meet in front of a motel lift one night. Every one of them is with someone else.

Man and Woman (2023): Cast

Lee Dong Hae as Jung Hyun Sung

Lee Dong Hae

Lee Dong Hae, also known as Donghae, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, composer, and actor. He was born in Mokpo, South Jeolla, South Korea, on October 15, 1986. If Donghae won SM’s Youth Best Contest in 2001, he was hired as a student by SM Entertainment. He first came out as a part of the boy band Super Junior in November 2005.

Donghae has become well-known thanks to Super Junior’s success in the Asian music scene. He has also been in the group’s project groups, Super Junior-M and Super Junior-D&E. Donghae is known for his singing, but he has also tried his hand at acting. He is busy on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Lee Seol as Han Sung Ok

Lee Seol

Lee Seol, born Kang Min-jung on April 13, 1993, is a South Korean actress. Some people know her from the TV show “Less Than Evil” (2018‚Äď2019), for which she was nominated for a Baeksang Arts Award. She has also been in movies like “Thunderbird” and “Herstory.”

Supporting Role:

  • Baek Soo Hee as Yoon Yoo Joo
  • Park Jeong Hwa as Ryu Eun Jeong
  • Kim Hyun Mok as Kim Hyung Seok
  • Yeon Je Hyung as Kim Geon Yeop
  • Choi Won Myung as Ahn Si Hoo
  • Lim Jae Hyeok as Oh Min Hyuk
  • Yoon Ye Joo as Kim Hye Ryeong

Why I Watch This TV Show?

Here are some reasons why you might consider watching the drama “Between Him and Her (2023)”:

  • Engaging Plot: A jewelry artist named Han Sung-Ok and her boyfriend, Jung Hyun-Sung, are at the center of the drama. They’ve been dating for seven years, but they no longer feel passionate about each other. When they meet each other by chance in front of a motel lift with other people, the story takes an interesting turn.
  • Romantic Theme: The play looks at how complicated love and relationships can be. It looks at the problems that a couple who has been together for a long time faces and how they deal with their feelings changing.
  • Talented Cast: Lee Seol plays Han Sung-Ok in the drama, using her acting skills to show how the character feels and what she goes through. The quality of the play as a whole is improved by the performances of the actors.
  • Character Development: As the story goes on, fans can look forward to seeing the characters grow and go on personal journeys. The problems the main characters face may help them learn more about themselves and change, which gives the story more meaning.
  • Emotional Connection: The drama looks at love, desire, and how complicated relationships can be. It could make people feel a lot of different feelings and help them relate to the characters and what they’re going through.
  • Production Quality: The drama is set in 2023, so it has modern production standards and great visuals. Paying close attention to the details in the outfits, sets, and filming can make the whole experience better.