Spy, The Fascinated (2024) Korean Drama

The story revolves around the complex relationship between two royal brothers and a mysterious baduk player turned spy.

Spy, The Fascinated (2024)

Spy, The Fascinated / Sejak: Charmed Deceit, also known as Spy, Sejak, the Enchanted, Spy, the Fascinated, Sejak, Maehokdwen Jadeul, is a Korean television drama directed by Jo Nam-Kook. The series is written by Kim Sun-Deok and is set to be aired on TVING and tvN. With genres including Historical, Romance, Melodrama, and Political, the drama is scheduled to be released in January 2024.

The show will have a runtime of Saturday and Sunday and will be in the Korean language. Hailing from South Korea, this drama promises to captivate audiences with its intriguing storyline.


DramaSpy, The Fascinated / Sejak: Charmed Deceit
HangulžĄłžěĎ, Žß§ŪėĻŽźú žěźŽď§
DirectorJo Nam-Kook
WriterKim Sun-Deok
NetworkTVING, tvN
No. of Episodes12 (Expected)
Duration50 – 60 Min. (Expected)
Release DateJanuary, 2024
GenreHistorical, Romance, Melodrama, Political
RuntimeSaturday, Sunday
CountrySouth Korea

Spy, The Fascinated ( 2024): Story

Lee In is a king. He has a big brother named King Lee Sun who loves him very much. The Qing Dynasty takes Lee In hostage because he promised to be loyal to his bigger brother. Soon, King Lee Sun starts to hate his younger brother because he thinks that being loyal to him is betrayal. Lee In is in a lot of mental pain because of this.

After that, Lee In meets an unknown baduk player who bets on her games. He is totally interested in the baduk player. Lee In becomes king because of events that happen. He has the most important job and is a strong guy, but on the inside he is sad and weak.

As Kang Hee Soo became known as a baduk player, she met Prince Lee In and fell in love with him. She turns into a spy through a twist of fate. She goes up to King Lee In to get back at him.

Spy, The Fascinated ( 2024): Cast

Main Characters:

#1) Jo Jung Suk as Lee In (Twitter X)

Jo Jung Suk

Jo Jung Suk, also known as Cho Jung Seok, is a South Korean actor born on December 26, 1980. He got his start in the theater and became famous for his roles in musicals and plays like “Spring Awakening,” “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” and “The Harmonium in My Memory.”

Jo Jung Suk’s big break came with the part he played in the hit movie “Architecture 101,” which came out in 2012. He has showcased his versatility through various television series like “The King 2 Hearts,” “You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin,” and “Oh My Ghostess,” as well as films such as “The Face Reader” and “My Love, My Bride”.

#2) Shin Sae Kyeong as Kang Hee Soo (Instagram)

Shin Sae Kyeong

Shin Sae Kyeong, whose stage name is Shin Se Kyung, is a South Korean actress who has been in many movies and TV shows. It was her part in the 2009 sitcom “High Kick Through the Roof” that brought her fame, thanks to her innocent beauty and expressive eyes.

This actress has shown off her skills and range in series like “Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung,” “Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me,” and “The Bride of Habaek.” Shin Sae Kyeong is a well-known and respected actress in the Korean entertainment business thanks to her captivating performances and unique charm.

#3) Lee Shin Young as Kim Myung Ha (Instagram)

Lee Shin-young

Lee Shin Young is an actor and model from South Korea. He was born on January 24, 1998. Popular Korean TV shows like “Crash Landing on You” (2019), “How to Buy a Friend” (2020), and “Rookie Cops” made him famous. Lee Shin Young has also been in movies, such as “Rebound” (2021), in which he played a high school basketball star.

He has received recognition for his talent, winning awards such as Rookie of the Year at the 15th Asia Model Festival in 2020. Lee Shin Young keeps making a name for himself in the Korean entertainment business with his wide range of acting skills and youthful charm.

#4) Park Ye Young as Dong Sang Gung (Instagram)

Park Ye Young

Park Ye Young, born on August 22, 1989, is a South Korean actress. She studied from Konkuk University College of Arts and Design’s Film Department. Park Ye Young has been in a number of TV shows and movies, such as “Summer Strike,” “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” (2021), and “Spy, The Fascinated” (2024). She has become well-known in the Korean entertainment business for how good an actress she is.

Supporting Characters:

  • Yang Kyung Won as Yoo Hyun Bo
  • Jo Sung Ha
  • Choi Dae Hoon
  • Na Hyun Woo as Chu Dal Ha
  • Jung Suk Yong
  • Lee Kyu Hoe

Why I Watch This TV Series?

Reasons to Watch “Spy, The Fascinated (2024)

  • Intriguing Plot: The story revolves around the complex relationship between two royal brothers and a mysterious baduk player turned spy. There are themes of loyalty, betrayal, love, and revenge in the story, which makes it look like a fun movie to watch.
  • Character Depth: The characters have more than one side to them. For example, Lee In is shown to be strong on the outside, even though he was a prince and then a king. This is because he has mental problems. In the same way, Kang Hee Soo goes from being a baduk player to a spy out for payback, which gives her character more depth.
  • Historical Setting: The drama takes place in the past, which might appeal to people who like period plays and are interested in the stories and styles of the past.
  • Variety of Genres: The show mixes different types of stories, like historical, romantic, melodramatic, and political ones, so it can appeal to a lot of different types of viewers.
  • Talented Cast and Crew: The show is directed by Jo Nam-Kook and written by Kim Sun-Deok, which shows that the production team is very good. The cast isn’t named in the sources given, but the complex character development makes me think the actors were good.
  • Unique Elements: The use of baduk, a strategy board game, in the plot makes the drama stand out from other TV shows by adding something new to it.
  • Anticipation for New Releases: The series is set to come out in January 2024, so the excitement of seeing something new could be a reason to watch it.