Sensei Sayounara (2024) Japanese TV Series

The drama has a unique love story that happens in both the present and the past. This gives viewers a chance to experience a story that goes beyond time.

Sensei Sayounara (2024)

Sensei Sayounara (2024), also known as Goodbye Teacher, is a Japanese drama that is set to be released in January 2024. The series is directed by Chihiro Ikeda and Natsuki Takahashi, with the script adapted from the manga by Yasuko and written by Mako Watanabe.

It will be broadcasted on NTV and will consist of 10 episodes, each with a duration of 30 minutes. The drama falls under the genre of romance and will air on Mondays at 24:59. The language of the series is Japanese, and it is set in Japan.


DramaSensei Sayounara (2024) / Goodbye Teacher
DirectorChihiro Ikeda, Natsuki Takahashi
WriterYasuko (manga), Mako Watanabe
No. of Episodes10
Duration30 min.
Release DateJanuary, 2024
RuntimeMonday 24:59

Sensei Sayounara (2024): Story

It’s a love story that happens both present day and past. He is 27 years old and works as an art teacher at a high school. The kids really like him. One of the kids in his homeroom class is Yayoi. She does nothing with her days because she doesn’t have a plan. Takuro Tamura tells her that she should join the art club.

Takuro Tamura’s sketchbook is seen by Yayoi one day. There are many drawings of a woman in the diary that Yayoi doesn’t know. That woman is Yumiko. When Takuro Tamura was in high school, she learned him Japanese and was his homeroom teacher. He was 17 years old. He loved his teacher in the first grade.

Sensei Sayounara (2024): Cast

Main Characters:

Watanabe Shota as Tamura Takuro

Watanabe Shota

Watanabe Shota is a singer, actor, and star from Japan. He is in the Japanese idol group Snow Man, which is handled by Johnny & Associates. Watanabe Shota was born on November 5, 1992. His stage name and real name are both Watanabe Shota.

He is famous for being able to sing and act in different roles. Watanabe Shota is a star, but he is also a singer and songwriter who is signed with the Japanese management company BMSG. He’s become more well-known as a member of Snow Man, and his good looks are all the talk among fans.

Why I Watch This TV Series?

Reasons to Watch “Sensei Sayounara (2024)”:

  • Unique Love Story: The drama has a unique love story that happens in both the present and the past. This gives viewers a chance to experience a story that goes beyond time.
  • Relatable Characters: Takuro Tamura is the major character. He is an art teacher who is 27 years old and well-liked by his students. This figure can make viewers feel like they can relate to and get involved with the show.
  • Intriguing Plot: There are mystery and romance parts in the story, which makes it very interesting. Takuro Tamura’s sketchbook is at the center of the story. It has many drawings of a woman that his student Yayoi doesn’t know. This is Yumiko, Takuro Tamura’s Japanese teacher and homeroom teacher when he was 17 years old in high school. Tankuro loved Yumiko.
  • Star Power: Shota Watanabe, who is in the popular Japanese idol group Snow Man, plays the lead part in the show. He is expected to be a big draw for people who like his music and acting.
  • Cultural Insight: Since the show takes place in Japan and has Japanese characters, it gives viewers a chance to learn about Japanese culture, especially the country’s school system and social norms.
  • Emotional Engagement: The drama’s plot, which includes love, mystery, and personal growth, is likely to make people feel a lot of different things, which will make it interesting to watch.