Rah e Junoon Drama Cast Name With Photo & Instagram IDs

Discover the talented cast of "Rah e Junoon" drama! Get to know the actors and their characters with captivating photos and their Instagram IDs.

Rah e Junoon

New drama series “Rah e Junoon” will premiere on Hum TV in 2023. The relationship between Shabrez and Meha is at the heart of the drama. The main cast of Rah e Junoon is made up of actress Komal Meer and actor Danish Taimoor. Here are the names, pictures, and short bios of the actor¬†who play roles in Rah e Junoon.

Rah e Junoon Drama Cast:

Pakistani drama serial Rah e Junoon stars the following actors:

#1) Danish Taimoor as Shabrez (Instagram)

Danish Taimoor

Danish Taimoor is a Pakistani actor and model. He was born in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, on February 16, 1983. Dane Taimoor is famous for his roles in movies, TV shows, and telefilms. The movies “Jalaibee” (2015) and “Wrong No.” (2015) are some of his most well-known work.

His part in the drama series “Ishq Hai” has also put him in the running for the Best TV Actor-Viewers’ Choice award. Nordic Taimoor is married to Ayeza Khan, and the two of them have two kids. Over 7 million people follow him on Instagram, which is a big deal. The Danish person Taimoor is also on TikTok.

#2) Komal Meer as Mehar (Instagram)

Komal Meer

Komal Meer is a Pakistani actress and model. She was born on June 17, 1998, in Islamabad, Pakistan. There have been many TV dramas where Komal Meer has been in, and her efforts have made her famous. The dramas “Wehshi,” “Qalandar,” “Tere Aany Se,” and “Rah e Junoon” are some of her most famous works.

Also, she’s been in picture shoots and has a big fan base on Instagram, with over 822K followers. Komal Meer is known for how stylish and classy she looks, and her playing skills have also been praised. She is also working on her LLB degree because she wants to be a lawyer.

#3) Hurriya Mansoor as Zara (Instagram)

Hurriya Mansoor

In the show Rah e Junoon, Hurriya Mansoor played the part of Zara. Zara is Mehar’s little sister. She has appeared in a few short films. Her first television series is called Rah-e-Junoon. She is becoming a big name in Pakistani theater.

#4) Hiba Ali Khan as Natasha (Instagram)

Hiba Ali Khan

Hiba Ali Khan is a Pakistani actress and model. She is known for her work in Pakistani television dramas. “Dil Diya Dehleez,” “Kissey Apna Kahein,” “Aroos Paroos,” “Omer Dadi aur Gharwale,” and “Rani Beti Raaj Karegi” are just a few of the famous dramas starring Hiba Ali Khan. She became famous for her acts, which will be remembered for a long time.

Hiba Ali Khan took a break from show business to study, but she just recently returned. She’s working on the TV show “Mayi Ri” right now, and “Rah e Junoon”. People love Hiba Ali Khan’s looks and skills, and she has a big fan base on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok.

#5) Dur e Nayab (Instagram)

Dur e Nayab

In the TV series Rah-e-Junoon, Dur-e-Nayab also plays an important role. Green Entertainment’s 22 Qadam is her most recent¬†drama. She is becoming a big name in Pakistani theater, and she is a great actress.

#6) Agha Talal (Instagram)

Agha Talal

Agha Talal is a Pakistani television actor and model. He first appeared on Hum TV’s “Yaqeen Ka Safar” and has since gone on to star in a number of other programs. “Noor” (2018), “Soya Mera Naseeb” (2019), and “Chamak Damak” (2020) are some of his most well-known shows.

Agha Talal became well-known for his performances, and he has a big following on social media sites like Instagram, where he has over 98K fans. In the entertainment business, he is known for his slick style and self-assurance. Agha Talal has also appeared in the film “Bewafa” (2023) .

#7) Saba Faisal as Shabraiz’s Mother (Instagram)

Saba Faisal

Saba Faisal is a Pakistani actress and former news anchor. There are a lot of well-known TV shows, plays, and movies with her in Urdu that people really liked. She was born in Lahore, Pakistan, on January 31, 1960. She completed her studies at the University of Lahore. Many people all over Pakistan have heard of Saba Faisal and are impressed by how well she can act.

She started out in the business as a newscaster for PTV and later moved on to acting. She is married to Faisal Saeed and has three kids with him: a daughter named Sadia Faisal, a son named Arsalan Faisal, and Salman Faisal. Her kids are also working in the show business. Saba Faisal has a lot of fans on social media sites like Instagram, where she has more than 2 million followers.

#8) Mehmood Aslam as Mehar’s Father (Instagram)

Mehmood Aslam

Mehmood Aslam is a Pakistani television and stage actor. He’s been in the entertainment business since 1977 and has been in a lot of famous TV shows and movies. Mehmood Aslam is famous for being able to play a wide range of parts, from leading roles to supporting roles and even bad guys.

He became well-known for acting a funny character on the comedy show “Bulbulay,” which began in 2009 and is still going strong. Other well-known works by him are plays like “Andhera Ujala,” “Din,” “Janjal Pura,” “Landa Bazar,” “Uraan,” “Ladies Park,” and “Daray Daray Naina.” Mehmood Aslam has also been in movies like “Jackpot,” “Sarmaya,” “Strawberry,” and “Teefa in Trouble.” A lot of people follow him on social media sites like Instagram, where he has over 59K fans.

#9) Ali Tahir as Shabriaz’s Father (Instagram)

Ali Tahir

Ali Tahir is a very talented actor who can do a lot of different roles. He also plays Shabriaz’s father in the show Rah e Junoon. With his great talent, he made the show more interesting.

#10) Sabahat Adil as Mehar’s Mother (Instagram)

Sabahat Adil

Sabaht Adil is another well-known Pakistani drama actor. She played Komal Meer’s mother in Rah e Junoon. She is extremely skilled, just like her sister Rabia Noreen, who is a drama actress.