Janet Mello Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Net Worth

Janet Mello is 57 years old and was born in 1966. She lives in Texas and is currently having a lot of court problems.

Janet Mello
Quick Info
Real Name Janet Yamanaka Mello.
In News Stole $100 Million From US Army.
Age 57.
Birth Date 1966.
Birth Place Texas, United States.
Lives in San Antonio, Texas, America.
Gender Female.
Nationality American.
Ethnicities Mixed.
Social Media
Twitter https://twitter.com/janrustai
Love Life
Marital Status Married.
Husband Name Unavailable.
Body Measurements
Height In feet: 5′ 3″.
In meters: 1.6 m.
In centimeters: 160 cm.
Eyes Brown.
Hair Black.
Qualification College Graduate.
Works Experience Management Analyst – Army Hq Imcom G9.
LinkedIn (Deactivated) https://www.linkedin.com/in/janet-yamanaka-mello-8b115ba5

All About Millionaire Conwoman Janet Mello

Janet Mello is 57 years old and was born in 1966. She lives in Texas and is currently having a lot of court problems. Possibly what would happen? One hundred and fifty years in jail. What’s all the fuss? Well, Janet is accused of committing a huge fraud plan that was aimed at the US Army.

It is said that she stole an amazing $100 million over the course of seven years of claimed wrongdoing. You may be wondering what she bought with the money. The person has more than 30 homes, expensive cars, and gold. Talk about living big!

The skinny: At Fort Sam Houston, Janet was in charge of a very important citizen financial program. She was not just any Texan. The whole thing is said to have begun in 2016 when she made a plan. It looks like she started a company called Child Health and Youth Lifelong Development to steal money from the Army and use it for herself.

What did she do? And it’s said that Janet was very good at the paperwork game. She is said to have sent in fake paperwork that falsely claimed that her “business,” CHYLD, should get some Army funds.

In short, Janet Mello went from being a top financial manager to being at the center of a legal storm because she is accused of running a scam that began with a fake business in 2016. Watch this space to see how this judicial mess plays out.

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Janet Mello with her lawyer

Accusations Against Janet Yamanaka Mello

A federal grand jury in San Antonio has charged Janet Mello with 10 counts of fraud. She lives in San Antonio and is facing major charges. The charges are related to her time as a civilian program manager for the business side of things at Fort Sam Houston.

Court papers say Mello is responsible for planning a scheme to steal more than $100 million from the Army. According to the indictment, she regularly sent in fake papers saying that her organization, Child Health and Youth Lifelong Development (CHYLD), was eligible for Army funds because it helped military members and their families.

But it looks like CHYLD didn’t actually do anything. Instead, Mello is said to have used the money to buy expensive gold, clothes, cars, and real estate worth millions of dollars. Besides these charges, Mello is also accused of hacking into the digital signature of one of her bosses more than once.

Janet Mello with husband

Charges Against Janet Mello 

She is being charged with five counts of mail fraud, four counts of making deals worth more than $10,000 using money obtained through crime, and one count of aggravated identity theft. Mello’s first court date is December 14 before U.S. Magistrate Judge Henry J. Bemporad. If he is found guilty, Mello will have to deal with serious effects.

For each count of fraud, the maximum sentence is 20 years in prison. For each spending law charge, the maximum sentence is 10 years in prison, and for the aggravated identity theft charge, the minimum sentence is two years in prison.

The indictment also has a notice of forfeiture for the money and things that were gained through the claimed crime. A federal district court judge will decide the final sentence by looking at the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other legal issues.

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What Did Janet Mello Do With the Stolen Money?

Janet Mello was charged with planning a scam to steal $100 million from the US Army. She said that her company, Child Health and Youth Lifelong Development (CHYLD), helped military families through the 4-H program. However, probes show that the money was used to support Mello’s fancy way of life.

The 4-H Military program focuses on giving kids learning opportunities that help them grow in a good way. When Mello filed her personal tax returns for 2017, she only showed a $483 profit on $2,152 in sales. This made people suspicious, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) began to look into it. Since 2017, Mello hasn’t done any tax work for CHYLD.

Even though she made $129,996 in 2022, she bought 31 homes in Colorado, Maryland, New Mexico, Texas, and Washington. A $3.1 million home in Preston, Maryland, for example, has eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 55 garage spots, and 58 acres of land.

Mello bought a house in Castle Rock, Colorado, for $2.3 million. The house has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, and is on 35 acres of land. In addition to her large collection of real estate, she also had an amazing collection of 78 cars.

In her fleet of bikes, there were 16 Harley-Davidsons, 5 Triumphs, 4 Ducatis, 2 BMWs, and a 1955 Ferrari Fratelli 165 Racer.

She may have also bought a 1954 Chevrolet Corvette, a 1966 Ford Mustang, five Mercedes-Benzes, and two Aston Martins, according to new accounts. The fact that over $18 million in cash was taken from six different accounts linked to Mello shows how bad her claimed financial wrongdoing was.

Janet Mello Family Background

Janet Yamanaka Mello was born in Texas, USA, in 1966. She is now 57 years old. At the moment, not much is known about Janet’s family history, but reliable sources tell us that she spent her whole childhood in the Lone Star State.

Mello has kept her personal life pretty quiet outside of work. Notably, she doesn’t have an Instagram account, and she deleted her LinkedIn page after it became public that she was allegedly involved in fraud. But she still has an active Twitter account with rare posts, such as a picture of her with her husband.