Jahanzeb Khan Biography, Height, Weight, Age and Wife

Jahanzeb Khan is a versatile personality in the Pakistani media industry, known for his work as an actor, model, and singer.

Jahanzeb Khan

Jahanzeb Khan is a Pakistani television actor, model, and singer. He started out as a model and got his start on TV with a small part in the popular ARY Digital Drama opera “Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain.” People in Pakistan think he is one of the best male supporting players because he has been in so many dramas. Khan has also learned to dance and has worked with Sheema Kirmani’s theater group. He was born in Hyderabad, Pakistan, and studied computer programming at Sindh University .

Jahanzeb Khan Bio


Birth NameJahanzeb Khan
Stage NameKhan
Birthday11 Jun 1985
BirthplaceHyderabad, Pakistan
ResidenceKarachi, Pakistan
Height 5 Feet 10 Inches
Weight75 KG
Body TypeSlim
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Zodiac SignGemini

Jahanzeb Khan Career:

Jahanzeb Khan is a multi-talented person in the Pakistani entertainment industry. He works as an actor, model, and singer. He was born in Hyderabad but went to Karachi to go to school and work. While Jahanzeb was in Karachi learning how to code computers, he realized he wanted to work in show business.

Jahanzeb got his start in show business as a model. His body language and attitude helped him become popular very quickly. He is now one of Pakistan’s best male models. He has walked the runways of many fashion shows and worked with well-known fashion designers.

Before becoming an actor on TV, Jahanzeb Khan was a part of the famous theater group Sheema Kirmani. ARY Digital’s “Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain” was his first TV show, which aired in 2011. Even though he only had a small part at first, his acting skills showed that he was a great actor. Since then, he’s been in a lot of popular TV shows, mostly in supporting parts.

People know Jahanzeb Khan for his parts in movies and how good-looking he is. He has also been in a number of well-known TV movies. He played the part of Salman in his first telefilm, “Armaan,” which became very popular and earned him a lot of praise for his playing. A supporting part was also played by him in the 2015 Pakistani movie “Bin Roye.”

Along with acting and modeling, Jahanzeb really loves dance and singing. He is a trained dancer and singer. His own music record will be out soon because he is currently working on it.

Jahanzeb Khan Movies & Drama List:

Mehmoodabad Ki MalkainAry Digital
GhayalA-Plus Entertainment
ShagoTV One
2013Koyla Ho Gai MainA-Plus Entertainment
Saari Bhool Hamari ThiGeo TV
VirassatGeo TV
Rishtay Kuch Adhooray SeArsalHum TV
2014QudratARY Digital
Pakeeza Coaching CenterSalmanARY Digital
2015Mere KhudaAliHum TV
Googly MohallaZahid AfridiPTV Home
Zig ZagHum Sitaray
Aik Thi MisaalImranHum TV
Ishq e BenaamArsalHum TV
2016GuzaarishKhurramARY Digital
AitraasAffandiARY Digital
Rub RaaziShariqExpress Entertainment
BesharamDanialARY Digital
Jab Tak Ishq Nahi HotaExpress Entertainment
Bin RoyeZafarHum TV
2017GilaZawaarHum TV
ManchahiBaqarGeo Entertainment
Bechari MehrunnisaGeo Entertainment
Ek Hi BhoolARY Digital
2018Aik Larki Aam SiMinhajHum TV
2019GunnahUmarA-Plus Entertainment
2020SabaatAliHum TV
KasakJunaidARY Digital
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Jahanzeb Khan Telefilms:

2013ArmaanSalmanGeo TV
2014Pakeeza Coaching CenterSalmanARY Digital
2015Katvi ChattShahrukhARY Digital
2015Umeed e SubhKhurramHum Sitaray

Jahanzeb Khan Movies:

2015Bin RoyeZafar

Jahanzeb Khan Interesting Facts:

  • Jahanzeb Khan is a versatile personality in the Pakistani media industry, known for his work as an actor, model, and singer.
  • He was born in Hyderabad, Sindh, but later moved to Karachi to pursue his studies and career.
  • Jahanzeb studied computer programming in Karachi before venturing into showbiz.
  • He started his career as a model and quickly gained recognition for his body language and attitude.
  • Jahanzeb Khan is now considered one of the top male models in Pakistan.
  • Apart from modeling, he has also worked with renowned fashion designers and walked the ramps of various fashion shows.
  • Before entering the television industry, Jahanzeb was associated with the theater group “Sheema Kirmani.”
  • He made his television debut in 2011 with the drama serial “Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain” on ARY Digital.
  • While Jahanzeb has appeared in many hit TV serials, he is often seen playing supporting roles.
  • He has also worked in TV commercials for well-known brands.
  • Jahanzeb Khan has showcased his acting talent in telefilms and has received admiration for his performances.
  • In addition to acting, Jahanzeb is passionate about dancing and singing and is a trained dancer and singer.
  • He has shown his talent on the big screen as well, with a supporting role in the Pakistani film “Bin Roye” in 2015.
  • Jahanzeb is currently working on releasing his own musical album in the near future.