Exciting Sneak Peek of tvN’s Drama “Marry My Husband”

In the next episode of "Marry My Husband," secrets will be revealed and feelings will run high.

Exciting Sneak Peek of tvN's Drama Marry My Husband

In a thrilling turn of events, tvN’s highly anticipated drama “Marry My Husband” has just released new stills, giving viewers a glimpse into the upcoming episode.

Based on Sung So Jak’s gripping web novel, “Marry My Husband” tells the heartbreaking revenge story of Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young), a woman who is dying and sees her best friend Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon) having an affair with her own husband, Park Min Hwan (Lee Yi Kyung), which leads to her tragic death. Kang Ji Won, however, has other ideas. She suddenly travels back in time to get revenge with Yoo Ji Hyeok (played by Na In Woo), the head of a department at her workplace.

The beautiful and smart Yoo Ji Hyeok, played by Na In Woo, is a respected figure in the U&K Food business. Even though Yoo Ji Hyeok is famous and powerful, he can’t do anything about his love for Kang Ji Won. He used to be a cold and detached boss, but when Kang Ji Won comes back out of the blue, he changes everything. Yoo Ji Hyeok becomes her loyal ally and does everything she can to help her get justice.

The new stills show how amazing it is that Na In Woo has changed into Yoo Ji Hyeok. He has a captivating mix of drive and honesty that comes through in his eyes. His presence is both magnetic and trustworthy, leaving viewers eager to witness the unfolding drama.

In the next episode of “Marry My Husband,” secrets will be revealed and feelings will run high. Stay tuned for more updates on this gripping tale of love, betrayal, and revenge.

“Marry My Husband” will premiere on January 1, 2024. While waiting, check out a teaser!