Cho Yi Hyun & Rowoon Launch 3 Unique Matchmaking Operations In “The Matchmakers”

"The Matchmakers" unveils new stills for the upcoming episode! Shim Jung Woo and Jung Soon Deok continue their matchmaking mission in Joseon era.

Cho Yi Hyun & Rowoon Launch 3 Unique Matchmaking Operations In “The Matchmakers”

Exciting news for fans of KBS2’s “The Matchmakers“! The show has released new stills teasing the upcoming episode.

In “The Matchmakers,” Rowoon plays Shim Jung Woo, a young widower, and Cho Yi Hyun plays Jung Soon Deok, a young widow. At the time of Joseon, both men and women who are not married and are older than the normal marriage age have a hard time finding good matches.

In the previous episode, Shim Jung Woo thought wrongly that Jung Soon Deok was a killer and ended their contract to matchmakers. However, Jung Soon Deok cleared up the confusion and said she wanted to keep working with Shim Jung Woo.

Rowoon & Cho Yi Hyun Unique Matchmaking Operations

In the upcoming episode, the focus shifts to the next phase of Shim Jung Woo and Jung Soon Deok’s matchmaking project. The new stills show how hard they worked to come up with three different plans to make sure that Maeng Ha Na, Maeng Doo Ri, and Maeng Sam Soon got their engagement letters.

Jung Soon Deok, who has been helping the three sisters and is Shim Jung Woo’s mentor, is watching them with eagerness as he encourages potential husbands. Maeng Ha Na seems sure of herself, Maeng Doo Ri seems lost, and Maeng Sam Soon seems determined. While Jung Soon Deok proudly observes the sisters’ practice, Shim Jung Woo can’t help but focus on her, directing a warm gaze her way.

The production team has promised that the upcoming episode will bring the love stories of the three Maeng sisters into sharper focus. There will be suspense, excitement, and unexpected surprises as the sisters and their potential husbands pursue love.

Make sure to tune in to the next episode of “The Matchmakers” on December 4 at 9:45 p.m. KST. Do not miss it!