Meanwhile In Carolina Song Lyrics – Conner Smith

Meanwhile In Carolina Lyrics is Conner Smith’s newest song. Luke Blake and Conner Smith wrote the music and lyrics, and Zach Crowell produced the song.

Meanwhile In Carolina Song Details

Song Meanwhile In Carolina
Artist/Singer Conner Smith
Lyrics Blake Pendergrass and Conner Smith
Produced Zach Crowell
Label The Valory Music Co.

Meanwhile In Carolina Lyrics

Twenty minutes south of a Nashville town
There’s a boy ridin’ on a bike
Grass-stained tee and his scraped-up knees
From an older brother backyard fight
Only thing he loves is his mama
And playing catch with his dad
Can’t wrap his mind around ever needing
Anything more than that

But meanwhile in Carolina
There’s a girl in a princess dress
Running through the kitchen
And dancing on her bed
Two stories God is painting
One day, He will combine ’em
That boy from Tennessee’s never crossed her mind yet
But ten hours away, she’s growing up beside him
Meanwhile in Carolina

Boy grows up writing songs about love
Kind he only knows at sixteen
Whether in-between classes or baseball practice
He’s thinking ’bout girls it seems
And there’s a wonderin’ about forever
A prayer he always prays
And in a beach town by the water
Is this one that sounds the same

‚ÄėCause meanwhile in Carolina
There’s a girl with her best friends
Talking about Prince Charming
Planning forever in their heads
Two stories God is painting
One day, He will combine ’em
That boy from Tennessee’s every dream in her mind, but
She’s just waiting on the day he comes to find her
Meanwhile in Carolina

Yeah, meanwhile in Carolina

Meanwhile in Tennessee
Every turn, he learns something
About what it’d take to keep her when he finds her
Then God lets him in on the secret He’s been hiding

That meanwhile in Carolina
There’s a girl with eyes of green
That’s everything and more
Than my mind could ever dream
Two stories God was painting
That day that He combined ’em
That boy from Tennessee can’t believe how they lined up
That girl he was looking for that whole time was
Meanwhile in Carolina

Meanwhile in Carolina

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