Duty After School Episode 7 (2023) Recap & Review

"Duty After School Episode 7" kicks off with the students facing off against the spheres, a month after Lieutenant Lee's death.

Duty After School Episode 7

The 2023 South Korean streaming TV show Duty After School stars Shin Hyun-soo, Lee Soon-won, Im Se-mi, Kwon Eun-bin, Kim Ki-hae, Kim Min-chul, Kim So-hee, Kim Su-gyeom, Kim Jung-lan, Moon Sang-min, Shin Myung-sung, Shin Su-hyun, Shin Hye-ji, Ahn Da-eun, Ahn Do-gyu, Yeo Joo-ha, Oh Se-eun, Woo Min-gyu, Yoon Jong-bin, Lee Yeon, Ji Min-hyuk, Choi Moon-hee, Hong Sa-bin, and Hwang Se-in.

Based on Ha Il-kwon’s webtoon of the same name, which was later posted as a webtoon on Naver Webtoon. From March 31, 2023, to April 21, 2023, it showed on TVING every Friday at 16:00 (KST). As well, you can watch it on Viki and Viu in some places.


DramaDuty After School
Hangul방과 후 전쟁활동
DirectorSung Yong-Il
WriterHa Il-Kwon (Webcomic), Yoon Soo
No. of Episodes6
Release DateMarch 31, 2023 – April 21, 2023
RuntimeFriday 16:00
CountrySouth Korea

Duty After School Episode 7 Recap:

Duty After School Episode 7 Scene 2

“Duty After School Episode 7” kicks off with the students facing off against the spheres, a month after Lieutenant Lee’s death. Soldier Kim Won-bin’s whereabouts are unknown, leaving the students to fend for themselves. Despite the challenges, they’ve organized well, planning and executing attacks on the spheres.

The students, appearing cool and skilled, share their thoughts through video diaries. Bo-ra feels like she’s in a dream, Jang-soo is proud of their growth, and Jun-hee regrets signing the consent form. Yoo-Jung realizes how fast time is passing, with their 20th birthday approaching. Unfortunately, the spheres are adapting too.

Duty After School Episode 7 Scene 1

After a day of battling spheres, the students return to their base, which has become like home. Hee-rak is unhappy with how everyone is adapting, but they understand it’s his way of coping. The only pressing issue is the malfunctioning walkie-talkie.

At the base, they meet Yoo Ha-Na, who pretends to be sick to stay. Despite being tired and hungry, they discuss their resources and trips. Young-Soo worries about the radio, and Soo-Chul informs them it’s still not fixed. Yoo-Jung promises to plan a route to the nearest hospital for medical supplies.

Duty After School Episode 7 Scene 3

During dinner, they hold a memorial for Lieutenant Lee and others they’ve lost. So-Yeon struggles with Lieutenant Lee’s death, and Kwon Il-Ha comforts her with a can of coke. Ae-chol reflects on her friendship with Jang-Soo, wondering if it would have happened without the war.

Bo-ra copes with anxiety by drawing portraits, and Deok-Joong’s barber skills cause a stir when asked to trim Lee Na-Ra’s hair. Chi-Yeol and Soo-Chul, both having crushes on Na-Ra, oppose the idea.

Duty After School Episode 7 Scene 4

Later, So-Yoon and Young-Shin try to fix the radio. Tae-Man suggests checking a nearby penitentiary for spare parts. They plan a route, and the daily vote indicates they should stay. Hee-rak and Soon-Yi express frustration, but they decide to try again the next day to honor Lieutenant Lee.

The next morning, Yoo-Jung divides the group for different missions. One group searches for medical supplies at the hospital, while the other seeks a radio or spare parts at the penitentiary to communicate with the military.

Duty After School Episode 7 Scene 5

At the penitentiary, they encounter criminals left behind. Meanwhile, the hospital group includes Chi-Yeol, who’s preoccupied with Soo-Chul’s love confession to Na-Ra. Soo-Chul confessed, hoping for a positive answer after the war.

The episode ends with Yoo-Jung’s video diary, acknowledging everyone’s struggles and promising solutions. She addresses Chi-Yeol’s crush on Na-Ra, assuring him his secret is safe. Chi-Yeol encourages her to take it easy, and she hints at something but decides against sharing.

Duty After School Episode 7 Interesting Facts:

  • Sphere Battle: The students keep going up against the strange spheres, showing how tough they are and how much better they’ve gotten at fighting.
  • Solo Students: Since no one knows where Soldier Kim Won-bin is, the students are left to fight for themselves, which helps them learn to be independent and organize themselves.
  • Video Diaries: Chi-yeol keeps keeping track of the students’ lives through video diaries, which show what they are thinking and feeling.
  • Proud Growth: Jang-soo is proud of how much the group has grown, showing how strong they are in the face of hardship.
  • Rapid Aging: Yoo-Jung thinks about how quickly time has gone by, which shows how fast their lives have been moving because of the problems they are still facing.
  • Adaptive Spheres: The circles are not fixed enemies; they change based on how the students play, making their battles more unpredictable and dangerous.
  • Base Becomes Home: Even though there are problems, the students think of their base as home, which shows that they can find comfort and routine even when things are going badly.
  • Walkie-Talkie Woes: A broken walkie-talkie becomes a critical issue, showing how important contact is to their plan to stay alive.
  • Sick Strategy: Yoo Ha-Na acts sick to stay at the base, which adds a bit of fun and smarts to the students’ ways of dealing with things.
  • Anonymous Voting: A popular way of making decisions is used when the students vote anonymously on whether to stay at camp or go to Seoul.
  • Multiple Missions: By giving each person in the group a different task, Yoo-Jung emphasizes strategy planning and allocating resources.
  • Criminal Encounter: As the group explores the prison, they come across criminals who were left behind, which increases the danger and suspense of their task.
  • Video Diary Secrets: Yoo-Jung’s video diary shows that she knows Chi-yeol has a crush on Na-Ra, which suggests that the group has personal ties and feelings that aren’t being shared.