Ai no Nai Koibitotachi (2024) Japanese Drama

Seven people, including Masakazu Kume (Sota Fukushi), are involved in a love triangle.

Ai no Nai Koibitotachi

The drama is called “Ai no Nai Koibitotachi” and is written by Kazuhiko Yukawa. It will be aired on TV Asahi in Japan on Sundays at 22:00 starting from January 2024. The drama is in Japanese language and is produced in Japan.


DramaAi no Nai Koibitotachi or Man Without Love
WriterKazuhiko Yukawa
NetworkTV Asahi, ABC
No. of Episodes1
Release DateJan, 2024
GenreRomance, Love Story
RuntimeSunday 22:00

Ai no Nai Koibitotachi (2024): Story

Seven people, including Masakazu Kume (Sota Fukushi), are involved in a love triangle. They live in Tokyo and are in their 30s. They have different ideas about love and friendship. Masakazu Kume is 33 years old and not dating anyone. He is a scriptwriter who is having a hard time.

He doesn’t have a girlfriend because he just broke up with a woman after meeting her three times. He often avoids love, so his friends call him the “Man Without Love.”

Ai no Nai Koibitotachi (2024): Cast

Main Characters:

#1) Sota Fukushi as Masakazu Kume

Sota Fukushi

Sota Fukushi is a Japanese actor born on May 30, 1993 in Tokyo, Japan. The part he played as Gentaro Kisaragi on the Japanese TV show “Kamen Rider Fourze” made him famous. Besides “Koinaka” and “My Lover’s Secret,” he has also been in films like “Strobe Edge,” “Bleach,” and “Kaiji: Final Game.” Fukushi is signed with the Ken-On agency.

Why I Watch This TV Series?

Here are some reasons why you might want to watch “Ai no Nai Koibitotachi”:

  • Unique Storyline: the drama is about seven people in their 30s, each with their own ideas about love and friendship. In the story, Masakazu Kume is the main character. He is a struggling scriptwriter who has stopped talking to women after meeting them three times. This one-of-a-kind plot will keep you interested throughout the show.
  • Great Cast: The show has a great cast, and Sota Fukushi, who plays Masakazu Kume, is one of them. The actors have great chemistry with each other, and they bring their roles to life in a way that is both fun and relatable.
  • Beautiful Setting: The drama takes place in Tokyo, which makes for a beautiful background for the story. The city is shown in all its beauty, and the cinematography is beautiful.
  • Exploration of Love and Friendship: The story explores love and friendship in a way that makes you think and warms your heart. As the characters try to figure out their relationships and find happiness, you’ll want to help them.

I hope this helps you choose whether to watch “Ai no Nai Koibitotachi” or not!