Yoon Bora (former SISTAR’s Bora) Profile & Facts

Yoon Bora's music success was mostly with Sistar and Sistar19, but she has also tried acting, been on variety shows, and even made it to the big screen.

Yoon Bora Profile and facts

Yoon Bora, better known by her stage name Bora, is a talented musician, singer, and actress from South Korea. She was born in Seoul on December 30, 1989, and has made a big name for herself in the entertainment business as a singer, rapper, and actor. Being in the famous girl group Sistar and its sub-unit Sistar19 brought Bora a lot of attention.

She has done more than just sing. She has also been in movies, done variety shows, and been an actress. Yoon Bora continues to captivate audiences across a wide range of media with her versatility and talent. 🌟🎤🎭

Yoon Bora (former SISTAR’s Bora)


Birth NameYoon Bo Ra (윤보라)
Stage NameBora (보라)
BirthdayDecember 30, 1989
Height165 cm (5’5″)
Weight46 kg (101 lbs)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Blood TypeO
NationalitySouth Korean

Yoon Bora (former SISTAR’s Bora): Drama & Movies

Here is a list of Yoon Bora’s most famous roles in TV shows and movies:

2007Opposites AttractTapdance academy studentSpecial appearance
2012Shut Up FamilyHerselfCameo
2014Doctor StrangerLee Chang-yiSupporting cast
2015The FlattererBong-heeMain lead
High-End CrushMin-jooMain lead
2016What Happened at the AirportHerselfMain lead
2017Irish UppercutDo Hae-naMain lead
A Korean OdysseyAlice, Jade DragonSupporting cast, dual role
2018Gangnam BeautyModelCameo (episode 5)
Quiz of God – Season 5: RebootJang Seung-binResearcher in CODAS
2019Worth Waiting for DatingKang Bo-ramMain lead
2019–2020ChocolateHui NaCameo (episodes 13, 15–16)
2020–2023Dr. RomanticJoo Young-miSeason 2–3
2021Hip Up! Hit Up!Son A-youngMain lead
DramaworldSoldierSpecial appearance
2021–2022Only One PersonVeronicaSupporting cast
2022O’PENing – Stock of High SchoolSon Do-wan’s homeroom teacher Cameo (season 5)
2023Pale Moon LeeRu-ri Supporting

As part of her varied work, Yoon Bora has played many roles on many platforms!! 🌟🎤🎭

Yoon Bora (former SISTAR’s Bora): Songs

YearSong TitleArtist
2012I Need YouK.Will
2012Because I Love YouLee Seok-heon
2016DriveJay Park

Did She Win Any Awards for Her Acting Career?

It’s true that Yoon Bora has been praised for her playing. Here are some awards and accomplishments that are important to her acting career:

  • Best Rookie Award: Bora got the Best Rookie Award at the 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards for her work on the music show Music Bank.

Note: Besides this one award, I don’t know anything else about any other acting awards she may have won.

Yoon Bora’s Music Career:

Yoon Bora, who goes by the name Bora, has had a lot of different jobs in the entertainment business. Let’s look into her music history:

  • Debut with Sistar: Bora’s first public appearance was in June 2010 as a member of the famous South Korean girl group Sistar’s first single, “Push Push.”
  • Sistar19 Sub-Unit: In 2011, Bora and Hyolyn, who was also in the group, formed the sub-group Sistar19 and put out the hit song “Ma Boy.”
  • Variety Programs and Hosting: Bora showed how versatile she was by appearing on a number of comedy shows. She was on KBS2’s “Invincible Youth” and host of KBS’s “Music Bank.”
  • Acting Career: The medical thriller “Doctor Stranger” was Bora’s first role. In addition, she played lead roles in web plays like “Flatterer” and “High-End Crush.”
  • Musical Theater Background: Bora went to Myongji University and majored in Musical Theater.

Her music success was mostly with Sistar and Sistar19, but she has also tried acting, been on variety shows, and even made it to the big screen.