The Worst of Evil (2023) K-Drama Review

The The Worst of Evil (Korean: 쁜엉의 엉) is a South Korean live TV show that is still going on.

Worst of Evil

The The Worst of Evil (Korean: 쁜엉의 엉) is a South Korean live TV show that is still going on. Ji Chang-wookWi Ha-joonBibi and Im Se-mi are in it. It premiered on Disney+ at 16:00 (KST) on September 27, 2023.


  • Drama: The Worst Of Evil
  • Hangul: 최악의 악
  • Director: Han Dong-Wook, Park Geum-Bum
  • Writer: Jang Min-Suk
  • Network: Disney+
  • Episodes: 12
  • Release Date: Sep 27, 2023 – Oct 25, 2023
  • Runtime: 16:00 (KST)
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

Worst of Evil: Story

In Seoul in the 1990s, a former DJ starts selling a new, strong drug called “Gangnam Crystal” in city clubs after taking over a gangster group. 

Because the police don’t know much about where these drugs come from, they send rural police officer Park Jun Mu to sneak into the organization to take it down. But he finds that his wife, detective Yoo Eui Jung, has volunteered to go on this dangerous mission and seems to have a horrible history with the evil underground drug king. 

In this quest to fight drugs, Park Jun Mu not only fights the drug cartel with all his heart, but he also does everything he can to keep his wife safe.

Worst of Evil: Cast

Main Characters:

1) Ji Chang-wook as Park Jun-mo (Instagram)

Ji Chang-wook

Ji Chang-wook is a singer and actor from South Korea. He was born on July 5, 1987, in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province. He got his start in musical theater and made his film debut in 2006’s “Days…”.

Ji is best known for his parts in TV dramas like The Worst of Evil (Korean: 쁜엉의 엉), “Smile Again” (2010–2011), “Warrior Baek Dong-soo” (2011), “Empress Ki” (2013–2014), “Healer” (2014–2015), “The K2” (2016), “Suspicious Partner” (2017), “Melting Me Softly” (2019), “Backstreet Rookie” (2020), “Lovestruck in the City” (2020–2021), and “The Sound of Magic” (2022). 

Many movies, like “Fabricated City” (2017) and “If You Wish Upon Me” (2022), have also cast him. It was Ji’s part in “Smile Again” that won him the Best New Actor award at the KBS Drama Awards. At the moment, Spring Company is his agent.

2) Wi Ha-joon as Jung Gi-cheul (Instagram)

Wi Ha-joon

Wi Ha-joon is a South Korean actor who was born in Wando County, South Jeolla Province, on August 5, 1991. He began his work as a model before becoming an actor. The part Wi played in the Netflix show “Squid Game” (2021) made him famous all over the world. 

A few other well-known Dramas he’s been in are The Worst of Evil (Korean: 쁜엉의 엉), “Something in the Rain” (2018), “Romance Is a Bonus Book” (2019), “18 Again” (2020), and “Little Women” (2022). Many movies have featured Wi, including “Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum” (2018), “Shark: The Beginning” (2021), and “Midnight” (2021). 

In 2019, the BIFF Marie Claire Asia Star Awards gave him the Rising Star Award. MSTeam Entertainment is officially Wi’s agent.

3) Im Se-mi as Yoo Eui-jeong (Instagram)

Im Se-mi

Im Se-mi is a South Korean actress born on May 29, 1987 in South Korea. She started acting in the TV show “Sharp 2” in 2005. 

Since then, she’s been in a lot of popular TV Shows, like The Worst of Evil (Korean: 쁜엉의 엉),  “Heartstrings” (2011), “That Winter, The Wind Blows” (2013), “Two Weeks” (2013), “Only Love” (2014), “Goodbye Mr. Black” (2016), and “Shopping King Louie” (2016). 

Some movies that Im has been in are “The Royal Tailor” (2014), “Desperate Mr. X” (2022), and “In Our Prime” (2022). 

In 2019, she won the Rising Star Award at the BIFF Marie Claire Asia Star Awards. Right now, Noon Company is Im’s agent.

4) Bibi as Lee Hae-ryeon (Instagram)


Kim Hyung-seo is a South Korean singer and actor who goes by the stage name Bibi. In the year 2018, she competed on “The Fan” and ended up finishing in the second position overall. In 2022, she released her first studio album Lowlife Princess: Noir.

Supporting Characters:

Gangnam Union:

  • Bae Myung-jin as Bae Yong-dae
  • Lee Shin-ki as Seo Jong-ryeol
  • Lim Seong-jae as Choi Jeong-bae
  • Jung Jae-kwang as Kwon Tae-ho
  • Cha Rae-hyung as Hong Hee-seong

Gangnam Police Station:

  • Ji Seung-hyun as Seok Do-hyung
  • Kim Beom-soo as Detective Go
  • Yoon Kyung-ho as Hwang Min-goo

Others Characters:

  • Jung Man-sik as Jang Kyung-chul
  • Woo Kang-min as Bok-nam
  • Woo Kang-min as Bok-nam
  • Dokgo Young-jae as Song Dong-hyuk
  • Ye Soo-jung as Yoon Won-gil
  • Gyeol Hwi as Cheol-gon
  • Park Sang-hoon as Sung Ki-soo
  • Keum Kwang-san as Baby

Why I Watch This Drama?

The Worst of Evil (Korean: 쁜엉의 엉) might be fun to watch for these reasons:

  • This is a crime noir drama called “The Worst of Evil.” It’s about a former DJ who takes over a gangster group and starts selling a new, strong drug called “Gangnam Crystal” in city clubs.
  • Ji Chang Wook, Wi Ha Joon, and Im Se Mi are just a few of the skilled actors in the show.
  • The story of the show is interesting and keeps you guessing. It’s mostly about the fight against drugs and what happens afterward.
  • The characters in the show are well-rounded and complicated. Each one has their own story and reasons for doing what they do.
  • The show’s themes are deep and philosophical, addressing ideas like right and wrong, morality, and what evil is.

I hope this helps you decide if you want to watch “The Worst of Evil” or not!